Party and class

1940: Max Shachtman's reply to Leon Trotsky - A “petty bourgeois” opposition?

Max Shachtman, CLR James, Martin Abern, etc. (The SWP Political Committee minority, 1940.)

Where Is the Petty Bourgeois Opposition? A Repeated Challenge Remains Unanswered.

What do we mean by the Working Class?

4 July, 2013 - 19:00 - 21:00

The Trent House pub, 1 Leazes pub, NE1 4QT


Why do socialists use the term working class, who is working class and who does this term include.
Are unemployed part of the working class?
Is the term relevant today?
Is there a difference between what Marxists mean and what sociologicals mean by class or social group?
Should we just talk about "People"?
THis meeting organised by Workers Liberty Newcastle is part of an ongoing discussion on the left about how we organise, how we relate to other organisations such as unions, and the language we use.
If you want to know more about class struggle socialism come join the discussion and debate

Why the Crisis in the SWP? "The politics of IS" - a 1969 polemic

Sean Matgamna

The explosion of political discussion in IS, ignited by the sudden change of line by Cliff in favour of building the embryo of a "revolutionary party" seemed six months ago to be the most hopeful thing on the British left. Many, seeing also the new-type IS positions on Vietnam and the Middle East — a radical break with the abstentionist attitude of the group to this kind of struggle in the first 15 years of its existence — wondered whether the leadership might not even disavow other aspects of its past.