Marxism and Stalinism

Our debate on Cambodia, 1979

Click here for minutes of debate, 19 August 1979
Click here for notes written up after debate, 25 August 1979
Click here for the article that started the debate, Workers' Action no.86, 14 January 1978

In 1978-9 our organisation, then called the International-Communist League, had a debate on Cambodia which, in hindsight, was a stage on our road away from the "degenerated and deformed workers' state" thesis which we had inherited from our "orthodox Trotskyist" origins, and towards recognising that the Stalinist states were exploitative class societies.

The poverty of "anti-imperialism" and today's left

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Sean Matgamna

Socialism in Disarray, Part Four

"There is not, nor can there be, such a thing as a 'negative' Social-Democratic slogan that serves only to 'sharpen proletarian consciousness against imperialism'. A negative slogan unconnected with a definite positive solution will not 'sharpen', but dull consciousness, for such a slogan is a hollow phrase, mere shouting, meaningless declamation" - V I Lenin