Leon Trotsky

The Origins of Work’s Control of Industry in Revolutionary Russia

John Reed

(From The Boston Traveler, Nov 21,1918)
One of the big mistakes made by the Bolsheviki in
Russia, was their failure after they got in power to

The Peace Programme (1915)

Leon Trotsky

I. What Is a Program of Peace?

What is a program of peace? From the viewpoint of the ruling classes or of the parties subservient to them, it is the totality of those demands, the realization of which must be ensured by the power of militarism.

Hence, for the realization of Miliukov’s “peace program” Constantinople must be conquered by force of arms.

The Collapse of the Socialist International in the First World War

Max Shachtman

“To forget is counter-revolutionary.”*

“If our resolution does not foresee any specific method of action for the vast diversity of eventualities,” said Jean Jaurès in urging the adoption of the famous anti-war resolution of the Second International at its special conference in Basel on November 24, 1912, “neither does it exclude any. It serves notice upon the governments, and it draws their attention clearly to the fact that [by war] they would easily create a revolutionary situation, yes, the most revolutionary situation imaginable.”