Saor Eire and Peter Graham : the Life and Death of an Irish Trotskyist

Sean Matgamna

On October 25th, 1971, Peter Graham died in Dublin at the hands of semi-gangster members of the "Republican" urban-guerrilla organisation, "Saor Eire", of which he was a member.

The Fight For a Workers’ Parliament: The Revolutionary Chartists

Chris Ford

The General Convention of the Industrious Classes opened in London on 4 February 1839, riding high on a wave of popular unrest and unparalleled mass mobilisations. London Democrat William Cardo wrote that the “Parliament of the House of Lords and Commons would soon be assembled… and at the same time another Parliament, the People’s Parliament would assemble… there would be the spirit of the English people”.

"Tasks of Socialists in the Famine"

Rice protest
George Plekhanov

What in Britain is higher food prices, and poorer households having less to spend on non-essentials, in much of the world is outright famine - not because of adversities of nature, but because the poor now cannot afford to buy enough food at the higher prices. At the same time rich governments stuff billions into bankers' pockets to keep them afloat.