Masque of City Hall


I saw treason the other day
it had the face of Boris J
his hair was bright his eyes were dim
and forty hell-hounds followed him
eighty bankers followed in their wake

The Rhyme of the Ancient Scab

Author: Sapdog

As I stood on the picket line
A woman spoke to me
Saying 'I was not always the woman
The woman you now see'
Yes once I had a happy life
Yes once my life was fine
Until I made that fateful choice
And crossed the picket line

The Rebel Heart

Francis A. Fahy


From Rebel veins my life I draw,
In Rebel arms I lay;
From Rebel lips my lessons knew,
That led me day by day;
And rocked to rest on Rebel breast,
And nursed on Rebel view,

The Labour Party now! By Jim Connell, author of "The Red Flag" (Verse)

Jim Connell

The turncoats and renegades, like "the poor", are always with us, shadows the Socialist Movement leaves behind as it goes on its way, as Jim Connell noted over a hundred years ago. Jim Connell, who wrote "The Red Flag", was an Irish Fenian, member of the first Marxist organisation in Britain, the Social Democratic Federation, of the Independent Labour Party and of the Labour Party. He died in 1928. He may have had in mind here John Burns, the Marxist 1889 London docks strike leader and later, after 1906, Liberal Government Minister.