Poisoning the labour movement

Review by Stan Crooke of: “Raising Lazarus from the Dead: The Future of Organised Labour” (David Coats)

The public launch of “Raising Lazarus from the Dead: The Future of Organised Labour” took place shortly before Christmas.

The Seven Basic Plots by Christopher Booker

The Seven Basic Plots: why we tell stories

By Christopher Booker (Continuum)

As the giant ape climbs to his doom in Peter Jackson’s new King Kong, a friend who doesn’t normally cry at movies was sobbing his heart out beside me. And he wasn’t the only one. What is it about this story that has touched audiences for seventy years? Is there something, moreover, which echoes other, older stories? I can imagine – probably there is, somewhere – a cod-Marxist reading: Kong represents the proletariat, its exploitation highlighted by the Depression, murdered by capitalist greed. But I don’t think that would be why my friend was crying. Not that he’s unmoved by the horrors of capitalist greed; but the purely symbolic death of revolutionary hope wouldn’t, I think, be so moving. He (okay, my eyes were moist, too) was touched by something deeper.