SWP on the unions, and on the doorsteps

Matt Cooper

Reports on two recent SWP-related events. First, I attended the Organising for Fighting Unions London dayschool in London on 2 February. Probably 60 people, probably 80% SWP.

The SWP and left unity — the case of the student movement

Sacha Ismail

Like it or not, the SWP is the biggest group on the socialist left. Any attempt to unite will necessarily involve them, or at least substantial numbers of its activists. Nowhere is this more true than in the student movement, where the AWL has some experience of practical unity with the SWP.

A united front of a special type

Given the SWP's split with its former ally George Galloway, along with associated Brick Lane businessmen, it is clear that the organisation is in need of allies for its Respect 'united front'.

SWP (IS) and Northern Ireland in 1968-9: Advocating civil war — until it starts! (Part 6, section 1)

Sean Matgamna

This article reviews the way that the biggest activist-left group of the last 35 years or so in Britain — the SWP, then called IS — dealt with the biggest internal crisis the British state has seen since the early 1920s, the breakdown of Northern Ireland into civil war in 1969. It continues a series about the British left and the decisive early stages of the nearly 40 years of “Troubles” in Northern Ireland.

[This is an edited and augmented version of the text in Solidarity. It includes excerpts from the minutes of the leading committees of the International Socialist organisation, which are not in the version printed in Solidarity.]