Socialist Party

An encounter with the shy Bishop Taaffe

Jill Mountford

By Jill Mountford

The pensions demo on 30 June was exciting enough, but I felt an extra thrill at the start in Lincoln’s Inn Fields when I spotted Peter Taaffe. There he was, the General Secretary of the Socialist Party! The "legendary Peter Taaffe", as his friend and disciple Derek Hatton said of him in his memoirs.

Cuts in jobs and benefits go hand in hand

Matthew Thompson

According to a report by the National Audit Office, the Department for Work and Pensions "will have to make rapid progress in reorganising the way it operates if it is to meet its target of cutting costs by £20 billion in four years while achieving substantial reform of the welfare system."

The left and 30 June

Martin Thomas

AWL was distributing leaflets calling for rank and file control in the unions’ battle against the Coalition government cuts, for the use of selective and rolling strikes and strike levies, and for a political fight for a workers’ government. The Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and the Socialist Party (SP) were distributing leaflets calling for a general strike.