Hackney Central, May 2006

Hackney Central election result

A really good result for us in Hackney. I got 260 (11%), Charlie got 161 (7%). I beat the Tories. Full result below.

We have held up the socialist vote from four years ago despite the sad demise of the Socialist Alliance (and despite extensive gentrification of the ward, and the Labour council not making any cuts this year).

The AWL, Labour and the Left: 

4-page leaflet sets out local election platform

Socialist Unity campaigners are delivering this leaflet to every voter in Hackney Central ward. It presses home the point that our candidates are socialist campaigners standing up for working-class interests, with comments on local issues from schools to mobile phone masts.

Click 'download' to look at, download and/or print it.

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Why Vote Janine Booth and Charlie McDonald, Socialist Unity?

The Council has put Hackney up for sale. Voting for Charlie and Janine will tell them that you want public services not private greed, people not profit. Janine and Charlie will be outspoken and defiant voices in the Council Chamber, standing up for the issues that matter to you:


End the Town Hall gravy train

  • stop fat-cat salaries to Town Hall chiefs.
  • no more unearned ‘expenses’.

New schools yes - private sponsors no!

Why Vote Janine Booth and Charlie McDonald, Socialist Unity?

The AWL, Labour and the Left: 

Why We're Voting Socialist Unity

“I’ve turned 18 this year, so I get to vote for the first time. Mainstream politicians aren’t interested in young people except to criticise us. There are very few facilities for youth in this area – especially for older kids.

“I’m voting for Janine because she’s always stuck up for the youth. She’s a good role model and is positive. She looks out for young people’s interests.

“Janine is not judgemental – she sees us for who we are.”

Nicky Laville


The AWL, Labour and the Left: