Towards a broad-based left party?


Traven Serge

“Opportunities for the left have been created which never existed before.”

The Sanders campaign cohered a mass base especially of young people, and showed that it is possible to connect with broad sections of the working class who desperately want a break from neoliberal policies and the two party system. But the impact of the Sanders phenomena will be limited to the degree that it fails to find organisational expression in a movement for a new political party.

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New pamphlet on socialist perspectives for Labour and Momentum

This new 16-page pamphlet from Workers' Liberty sets out ideas and perspectives for transforming the labour movement to make it an effective force for working-class self-assertion.


"The left-wing surge which has shaken the Labour Party means an opportunity to revive the socialist left and begin to make serious headway reviving the labour movement.

A new, 16 page pamphlet from Workers' Liberty, "Transform the labour movement - aim for a workers' government", sets out class-struggle socialist perspectives for the movement.

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Workers' Liberty summer camp (West Yorkshire, 11-14 August 2016)

Members and friends of Workers' Liberty are organising a summer event at Height Gate farm, near Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

Come and join our now-legendary annual socialist summer getaway in beautiful Height Gate farm, above Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. This is the sixth year we've run the camp; it's always great fun.

This will be a long weekend of music, campfires, food, drink, socialist discussions, workshops, tree climbing, and arsing about in the great outdoors - organised by the socialist group Workers' Liberty, but open to all!

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Pamphlet on Syriza, the revolutionary left and the class struggle in Greece

A Workers' Liberty pamphlet presenting interviews and discussions with many different groups on the Greek left.

"Greece 2012-2014: views and reports from the Greek left" is a new Workers' Liberty pamphlet presenting interviews and discussions with many different groups in the Greek left and labour movement, plus an editorial article from 7 January 2015, by Greek socialist Theodora Polenta, explaining the new political crisis there.

60 pages (A4). £4. Buy online here:

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