Can socialism make sense?

A new book from Workers’ Liberty which makes the case for socialism.

A new book from Workers’ Liberty which makes the case for socialism. In a time when socialism is the most searched word on the Merriam-Webster dictionary website, more and more people call themselves socialists, and a self-confessed socialist is leader of the Labour Party, this book explores what socialism means, whether it can rise again, how, and why.

It answers questions such as: What about Stalin? Are revolutions democratic? How can we have a planned economy? and is socialism still relevant?

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New Unionism 2017

Strike figures for 2015-16 in Britain were the lowest since records began. The Tories have been able to impose their anti-union "Trade Union Act" with only token resistance. While the rich continue to increase their wealth, wages remain low and working-class living standards continue to fall.

A day of discussion and activist training looking at both contemporary and historical struggles as we discuss how labour can organise and fight back.

New stickers from Workers' Liberty!

We have had a new bunch of stickers printed. Stickers are A6 and are perfect for sticking on notebooks, laptops, and on around and about where you live. Use the PayPal buttons below to buy. Please get in touch if you want to order a different number or a specific set of stickers.

A set of six stickers from Workers' Liberty including some new designs.

Nationalise the Big Six! Campaign launch

Nationalise the Big Six!

The Big Six -- British Gas, EDF, npower, E.ON, Scottish Power and SSE -- currently profit from contributing to catastrophic climate change while making us pay extotrionate energy bills (or freeze to avoid the costs).

Nationalisation of their operations offers a way to radically reduce the burning of fossil fuels, to support workers in the transition to renewable energy, and to stop rip-off energy bills.

London Forum to launch the Nationalise the Big Six campaign

A workers' guide to Ireland


Sean Matgamna

An illustrated history of Ireland, from the Viking invasions to 1993. First published 1993; published as e-book, 2016.

An illustrated history of Ireland, from the Viking invasions to 1993. By Sean Matgamna. First publ. 1993; e-book, 2016.


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Transform the labour movement!

This 20-page pamphlet from Workers' Liberty, published in its second edition (September 2016) with new material from after the EU referendum and the coup in the Labour Party, sets out ideas and perspectives for transforming the labour movement to make it an effective force for working-class self-assertion.


"The left-wing surge which has shaken the Labour Party means an opportunity to revive the socialist left and begin to make serious headway reviving the labour movement.

Class-struggle socialist perspectives for the movement.

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