Unattended Train Operation

LU has formally invited companies to bid for the contract to "design, manufacture, test and commission" new Tube trains.

LU has specified that it wants companies with experience of delivering unattended train operation (UTO), i.e. not just no driver in the cab, but no crew on the train at all!

Would LU specify this if it was not serious about removing staff from trains? It’s good that RMT is already in dispute over driverless trains and that it’s launching a "train drivers’ charter" to recruit and campaign.

ASLEF needs to wake up. If you’re in ASLEF, ask your union what it’s doing to safeguard your job.

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ASLEF are well awake.

ASLEF have already stated that the threat of driverless trains will be "all out war." Personally, I don't see UTO ever happening anywhere on the Underground, unless the whole thing is totally rebuilt. The more technology there is, the more there is to fail. The new trains will be more about saving energy, new materials and space saving designs. If UTO ever does happen, it won't be in our lifetimes.