Not Good Enough to Drive?

London Underground have decided that the internal applications for train driver are not good enough, so they are going to look elsewhere - and recruit externally.

What an insult! If applicants have been failing, it's because the company's application system is at fault! Many of us know from first-(or second-)hand experience that the system weeds out people who would do fine as drivers and then the over-crammed training squeezes out a few more.

Driver is just about the only promotional route left for CSAs, what with the door being closed for SAMF and SS posts. This insult from management shuts another door in our faces too.


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Nothing New.

This was tried some time ago and it didn't work out then as they had no experience of railway culture, such as shift work. I only know of a few direct recruit drivers still around. At the time they were told not to talk to us old embedded staff as they might get the wrong idea about things. Ironic really as the few remaining are now just like us. I think the reason for internal promotion is that those applicants have had some experience of working on the underground. It's only fair after all. Why should outsiders go straight on the front when CSAs should be first in line. Thing is, once your on the trains, that's it as it's almost impossible to get promotion elsewhere. Anyway, if I had my way, I'd bring back the guards, the best way to learn about shifts and the job.

Think you've hit the nail on

Think you've hit the nail on the head about management's motivations. This is not about recruiting a better breed of drivers, it is about breaking up the coherence of the workforce - and in particular, that part of the coherence of the workforce that is about solidarity, putting good working practices before "efficiency", and trade unionism.