Boxing Day Strike

Mike Brown has threatened drivers’ job security for striking on Boxing Day. This confirms that LU intends to use driverless trains as a stick to beat workers with; it’s nothing to do with improving service.

While the press called drivers greedy. But the truth is more complex. In 1992, LU agreed and unions agreed the number of drivers needed on Boxing Day, and relied on volunteers. Since then, LU has increased the Boxing Day service, forcing drivers to work. ASLEF say they should be rewarded for compromising their Xmas celebrations.

Unfortunately, antagonism between RMT and ASLEF has weakened cross-union support. RMT drivers remember ASLEF leadership’s disrespect for picket lines during RMT’s battle to defend OSP jobs. Tubeworker hopes RMT members respect picket lines to encourage solidarity in future battles.

ASLEF named and called off strikes for January 2012, then seemed to forget the dispute until Boxing Day. ASLEF might achieve more support if it took a more serious approach to pursuing its fight. Will the strikes in early 2013 be called off too?

Tubeworker is pleased that LU has shelved its plan to buy annual leave off us. It helps that RMT drivers have a ‘yes’ vote in the bag to take action if this idea rears its head again.

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Job Done

The strike, if you can call it that, was a 100% success. It was never about money, but something far more valuable - time off.

Time off

Would that be clearer if the demand was for time off, rather than for triple pay? Perhaps then both unions would unite behind it and win a better time off agreement?

Time Off. Indeed!

HC(OBE)& co knew exactly what the strike was about - Time Off. There was no way triple pay was ever going to be payed, that's why ASLEF made such an outrageous demand. Though there was an equally outrageous management counter "offer" - Triple pay and lose two days of your A/L. RMT circulars rightly told ASLEF members to stuff said "offer" Oh, for the day when the two unions work together. But, divide and rule suits the management right down to the Underground. And here's the irony. "Thanks for coming into work today" said passenger to RMT driver. " That'll show Bob Crow a thing or two"