What Marxism offers climate change politics

Submitted by PaulHampton on Thu, 08/05/2010 - 21:29

For the AWL, Marxism is a coherent theory of social change. It offers a worked out alternative world view, irreplaceable insights and effective strategies that can help avert climate catastrophe.

In particular Marxism has a great deal to say about:
• How climate change is framed
• The causes of climate change – or why neoliberal capitalism will only make the problem worse.
• The impacts of climate change – or why the international working class and other subaltern classes will suffer the worst effects of climate change, although they have had least responsibility for creating it.
• The politics of climate change – or why bourgeois plans for international agreements and emissions trading will fail, and their technologies such as nuclear and biofuels don’t work.
• The politics of climate activism and the limits of green politics.
• The left and climate change and how Stalinism still impedes a coherent response.
• The working class and climate change – or why a working class-based climate movement is necessary – and how to build it.

The following notes and articles, written in the main a year or two ago - together with other materials, attempt to flesh some of this out.


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