Seeing red (tabards)!

Submitted by Tubeworker on Tue, 10/17/2017 - 00:00

Surveys by the independent transport watchdog London TravelWatch have consistently revealed that, despite LU's spin that closing ticket offices would make staff "more visible", passengers consistently have difficulty finding members of staff to assist them on stations.

Here at Tubeworker, we think the problem is clear: there aren't enough staff. The solution is to reverse job cuts.

LU has other ideas. It insists the problem is one of "visibility", and to ameliorate this it is trialling the use of red tabards (emblazoned with "here to help") at certain locations.

RMT and TSSA raised several safety concerns, such as the fact that the tabards don't have adequate velcro fastenings. Unions also objected to the fact that there was no proper consultation through agreed health and safety structures. In some areas, such as Oxford Circus, only a small number of tabards were initially issued, with staff expected to hand them over to colleagues after wearing them.

Tubeworker reminds all readers that participation in the trial is voluntary, and encourages readers not to participate. The real way to make station staff more visible is to increase the staffing level!