Us and them?

Submitted by Tubeworker on Mon, 09/25/2017 - 13:25

The restructuring of station grades as part of "Fit for the Future" was always intended to divide the workforce. We're seeing the fruits of that division on many stations now, as some CSMs and CSSs increasingly see their role as policing and disciplining CSAs.

There is a growing body of horror stories of staff being hauled up to LDIs for petty infractions, and of CSMs obviously relishing the opportunity to play both judge and jury. At some stations, relations between the control room and the mess room are hitting rock bottom, as CSSs supervise in an overbearing, micro-managerial way.

That's by no means universal: many CSMs and CSSs still know that we're part of one workforce, and the "us and them" division isn't between CSAs and supervisory staff but between all of us - CSMs, CSSs, and CSAs - on the "shop floor" of the stations and the real bosses, Area Managers and higher.

Those of us who remember that need to persuade our colleagues who've drunk the "Fit for the Future" Kool-Aid to change their perspective, and remember which side they're on.

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