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Come Out Eli

'Come Out Eli', at the Arcola Theatre, Hackney, September 2003
Reviewed by Janine Booth

Last Christmas, police held gunman Eli Hall and his hostage under seige in a Hackney flat for 17 days. Graham Road was condoned off, lots of people's daily lives were affected, and most locals had something to say about it.

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Trade unionist sacked

Phil Billows, secretary of Barts and the Royal London NHS Trust UNISON Branch has been sacked for "insubordination" and "unauthorised absence" in a blatant piece of Trade Union victimisation.

The charges in fact relate to Phil's use of agreed facility time for union activities and the "insubordination" was that he asked for a full time union official to be present at a meeting where the trust tried to remove his facility time!

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Surely We Can Do Better For Kids

By Janine Booth - From Solidarity 3/14, 11 October 2002

I live in a SureStart pilot area. SureStart is a government project to help children younger than four years old. But for many parents, kids and workers, it has been a frustrating experience.

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Hackney Mayor campaign

The election period for Hackney's first Mayor is in its final stages now and local activists are positive of a good result for the Socialist Alliance.

On the back of an encouraging array of results in the local elections, Hackney Socialist Alliance stood Paul Foot as the candidate to put forward the policies vital in Hackney now.

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Fighting Hackney nursery closure

By Jean Lane

In the centre of Hackney, where the children, by and large, live in tower blocks and where green space is a rare commodity, St John's Nursery provided a beautiful, open, green space for over 40 kids.

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Hackney nursery occupied by parents

St. John's nursery is now being occupied by parents, in protest at its closure by Hackney Council. We managed to set the occupation up despite the presence of a vanload of police and security guards standing by to board up the premises while the children were still inside!

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Hackney parents vow to fight nursery closure

By Rosie Woods

Parents have pledged to fight Hackney Council's plan to close St.John's nursery.

"St. John's is a popular nursery that provides a good standard of care", said Janine Booth, whose three-year-old son Alex attends the nursery. "Parents have seen the way that our kids have benefited - they are getting a great start in their education, development and social skills, looked after by skilled professionals in a multi-racial setting. Now Hackney Council wants to take that away.

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