Anti-union laws

"Fellow workers, comrades... we won!" Bob Carnegie charges dropped!

Daniel Randall

On Friday 16 August, contempt of court charges were dropped against Bob Carnegie, the Workers' Liberty Australia member and union activist prosecuted for assisting a construction strike in Brisbane in August-October 2012.

2,000 construction workers stop work to attend a solidarity demonstration at the Federal Court in Brisbane, with around 100 cramming into the courtroom and erupting into applause when the judge announced the verdict.

He ruled that the terms of construction company Abigroup's injunction, aimed at keeping Bob away from the construction site, were not sufficiently clear.

Emerging from court, Bob said: "Fellow workers, comrades, case dismissed. We won."

The fight to defend Bob is not entirely over, as he still faces a civil case brought against him by Abigroup, but today's win a huge step forward and signal to bullying bosses that they cannot intimidate activists out of building solidarity with workers' struggles.

Bad precedent

Ruben Lomas

The Victoria branch of the construction section of Australia's big CFMEU union has been found guilty of contempt of court after it failed to comply with “restraining orders” issued to prevent it blockading construction sites in Melbourne in August and September 2012.