Fighting the BNP - Unity is the only option

The recent council election results should have sent a strong message to the Marxist movement of this country. While we have spent years in petty squabbling over who are the purest Marxists, splitting our movements into tiny factions, the BNP have organised and gained support culminating in the return of eleven councillors in Barking and a marked increase in other areas.

BNP Bullshit Housing Claim

Copied below is the BNP's absurd claim to have "won" new housing for the residents of Barking.

The BNP is not claiming credit for actually doing anything - like proposing the housing plan or anything like that - simply for getting elected and "therefore" forcing the government's hand.

Fighting the Fascists

The BNP has launched a trade union. It doesn't have much more than a paper existence, and what paper there is doesn't mention the BNP, but rail workers will be familiar with some involved. Remember Jay Lee, expelled from ASLEF? Or Pat Harrington, kicked out of RMT? He is now president of ‘Solidarity’, this would-be union "for patriotic and nationalist British workers".