Call to unite workers against BNP

Petra Hall

More than 100 people attended the regional conference that took place in Nottingham on January 19th called by Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP and sponsored by a number of trade unions and campaigning organisations in the Notts area and other parts of the East Midlands.

The conference was called to discuss a campaign to stop a repeat of the 2007 BNP “Red, White and Blue festival” in Codnor near both Derby and Nottingham.

BNP in crisis: Sadie Graham expelled

Fight the BNP!
Jack Yates

The British National Party is in the throes of a major crisis after a series of high profile expulsions and resignations. The root of the crisis is the outspoken fascism of leading BNP member Mark Collett and the contradictions implicit in an organisation attempting to hide its real politics.

Download two leaflets from the "Notts Stop the BNP campaign" (pdf): BNP in Turmoil and Stop the BNP in Kimberley.

Anti-BNP conference called for 19 January

Jack Yates

The last few years have seen the British National Party make creeping electoral gains in local government. The foothold they now enjoy in borough, town and parish councils is directly related to two factors: their turn away from confrontational street politics to agitation around community concerns and the inability of existing anti-fascist campaign groups (Searchlight and the SWP-dominated Unite Against Fascism) to counter this new strategy.

No room for the BNP!

Ken Leech

Mike Rowley is right to stress “the fullest freedom of speech” under what he calls “normal circumstances” (Solidarity 121), though it is not clear what these are, or whether they exist in the present climate.

Oxford union: vigil or demo?

Mike Rowley

As reported in the last Solidarity, a lot is being done in Oxford by local unions, Labour branches, student unions and community groups to stop the Holocaust denier David Irving and the BNP leader Nick Griffin speaking at the Oxford Union student debating society on 26 November. However, the contribution of the Unite Against Fascism national office has been questionable.