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LU: wake up to our lack of sleep!

An item on LU's intranet entitled "Are we getting enough sleep?" has prompted responses from many of us.

The Intranet tells us LU will use a "Readiband" watch-type tool, which "detects the wearer's quality of sleep and wake periods", to measure the impact of fatigue on the team working on the Bank tunnelling project.

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Dirty Drain

You could be taking a big risk if you take a swig of water in the Waterloo & City line depot.

The site used to be a chemical plant, and it seems that some of the chemicals might have, erm, lingered. In a recent test of the water, it tested positive for nine out of fifteen pollutants.

Yuk. No wonder it's known as 'The Drain'. It doesn't sound safe to work from to us.

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Major safety incident at Mile End

On Saturday 26 July, the Central Line was suspended after masonry fell on the track at Mile End.

Yep, that's right, masonry. Large, heavy, blocks of concrete. There is some indication the incident was caused by vibration from work being done on the track.

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Radio Taxis, the company LU uses for the staff taxi network, lost their dispatch system on Good Friday after Virgin Media cut through a cable. We had to wait up to 90 minutes for the taxi if we didn't have another way of getting home. The last thing we needed at the end of a shift on a bank holiday weekend!

For all the money LU pays to Radio Taxis, the system is unreliable. Have you ever been stuck on a Saturday night or Christmas Eve simply because cab drivers refuse the work until they can get more money? This hasn't been helped by LU cutting the price it offers for jobs.

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Toilet humour

Cleaners are facing cuts across London Underground. At one busy central London station, the number of cleaners on the station has been cut, meaning the remaining staff have to do more work. They're expected to clean walls and even parts of the ceiling; more physically demanding for everyone, and nigh-on impossible for many workers.

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Management's new tactic for closing ticket offices?

Spare a thought for SAMFs at Marylebone, where the ticket office is intermittently stunk out by a dreadful odour emanating from some part of the station's drainage system. The smell is so bad, it makes it impossible to work in there.

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