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Euston, We Have A Problem...

A broken pump in a bin room at Euston led to severe flooding and potential health issues for cleaners and station staff due to stagnant standing water.

The contractor responsible for fixing the pump is dragging its feet, citing financial issues. Why can't LU just fix the pump itself through minor works? Yet again, the madness of outsourcing takes its toll on staff.

Tubeworker's advice to cleaners at Euston is: until the situation's sorted, don't use the bin room!

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Tube Snot Syndrome

With 24-hour running on its way (meaning more trains), and with staff (including cleaners) spending more time on platforms, Tubeworker is worried about the effects dust inhalation could be having on our health.

We’ve all experienced "Tube Snot Syndrome": blowing our noses and seeing black muck come out. It’s simply not good for us to be down there breathing that in for sustained periods of time.

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Lamped Out

It was something of a shock for Barking drivers when a 7-metre-tall lamppost keeled over in the sidings. It only just missed a driver.

Management didn't appear too concerned, though. They kept the sidings open and didn't even bother checking the other lampposts until the following day.

It transpired that there was a bolt missing from the collapsing post. Perhaps there was a screw loose in management's response too.

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Lancaster Gate horror shows risks

The horrific stabbing of a CSA at Lancaster Gate shows some of the risks we’re exposed to at work every day.

Fortunately, the colleague survived the attack. But with management set on bringing lone working into operation on around 55-60% of stations, we’ll be more exposed and more vulnerable.

Safety for staff and passengers means: properly-staffed stations!

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Are our bosses trying to kill us?

LU has released draft rosters for Archway, Kentish Town, and High Barnet.

It proves what we already suspected: we'll be doing near-constant anti-social shifts. With 900 fewer station staff, fewer of us will be left to provide 24/7 cover across over 260 stations, with disastrous consequences for our health and our lives.

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Who's at fault for assaults?

Tubeworker was pleased to hear that LU's "Golden Rules for Avoiding Conflict at the Gateline" (last updated: 2010) is being redistributed to staff.

This helpful document reminds us all that, if we're assaulted at work, it's essentially our fault, as we must've failed to follow some of the "golden rules".

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Support the firefighters' strike!

From 6pm tonight (31 October), members of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) will begin a four-day strike, part of their ongoing fight to stop attacks to their pensions.

As fellow public-service workers resisting austerity-driven cuts, London Underground staff should fully support the firefighters' action.

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LU: wake up to our lack of sleep!

An item on LU's intranet entitled "Are we getting enough sleep?" has prompted responses from many of us.

The Intranet tells us LU will use a "Readiband" watch-type tool, which "detects the wearer's quality of sleep and wake periods", to measure the impact of fatigue on the team working on the Bank tunnelling project.

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