Professor Nigel Thrift, VC at the University of Warwick, called in the police to evict a student occupation on his campus. He also writes about the future of the left. Camila Bassi exposes his politics.
Jerusalem has been in flames — again. Two youngsters from Jabel Mukaber, one of the Arab villages annexed to Jerusalem, entered a synagogue in the west of the city during morning prayers and killed four devout Jews. Uri Avnery looks at the context to these killings.
Patrick Murphy, a founder of the schools activist network Lanac, a socialist, and a member of Workers' Liberty, is running for deputy general secretary of the National Union of Teachers. The ballot will be between 5 and 28 January.
Tracing the development of "two Trotskyisms" from the 1940 split to the 1944 polemic between Harry Braverman and Max Shachtman.
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Jon Lansman, a long-time activist on the Labour left, discusses how things stand.
The Kurdish Construction Workers' Organisation, active mainly in Iraqi Kurdistan, is appealing for support in its campaign to get recognition from the Kurdish Regional Government.
During this government over 5,000 firefighters’ jobs have been cut and 39 fire stations closed. The Fire Brigades Union has refused to accept these austerity measures and continues its industrial, political and legal campaign.
Following a thousand-strong protest, students are taking part in an occupation of the VC's suite at Warwick University after police repression against an (ongoing) wave of student protests for free education.
New research finds that social mobility has not decreased in Britain. Only, more of it is downward mobility.
Northern Line drivers at the Morden depot will strike on 1 December to win reinstatement of unjustly sacked colleague Alex McGuigan.
Report on Unison LGBT conference by a Workers' Liberty member who was a delegate.


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Battle of Ideas

Solidarity is both our great organising weapon now, and the simple definition of what will be the core of a humane, working-class-run, society.
A speech for a recent student free education demo by Workers' Liberty activist Beth Redmond.
The foundations of capitalist society need close examination, so that we may see more clearly how this social system functions and in what direction it is moving.
This splendid summary of his political beliefs was written by a Pennsylvanian coal miner.
Rosa Luxemburg describes the political and social contradictions in the First World War.
CLR James, one of those who had fought Trotsky and split with him over "Defence of the USSR", pays tribute to Leon Trotsky after his assassination.
The great American poet expresses the spirit of revolt, of dauntless courage in temporary defeat
Garvey landed in America some time during the First World War war and agitated for his organization, the UNIA, the Universal Negro Improvement Association. He had a fantastic program of Back to Africa. But it is not for his ideas that Garvey is important.
An article by C L R James from Socialist Appeal, February 1940.
A reflection on the Third Camp Trotskyists first ten years of existence, ten years after they split from the American SWP in 1940.
Speech by Albert Glotzer, representing the "Heterodox" Trotskyists of Max Shachtman's Workers Party at a memorial meeting in New York organised by James P. Cannon's "Orthodox" Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party in 1940.
Daniel De Leon (1852-1914) was a pioneer of the American socialist movement, educating a generation in the basics of class-struggle revolutionary politics.
What about the democratic rights that all of us enjoy? Can it be denied that they give genuinely democratic government?
The first step that a genuine Workers’ Government would take would be directed toward assuring continuous production so as to satisfy the needs of the people.
On the eve of her death , Rosa Luxemburg outlined the immediate political and social aims of the Spartacists, the German Bolsheviks.
The "Kurdistan Workers' Party" (PKK) and the movements it leads are the main forces resisting ISIS on the ground in Syria. What is the PKK?
An interview with Marksist Tutum about Turkey, the Kurds, ISIS and the US.
In August 1969, IS/SWP suddenly switched from raucous agitation for “British troops out” of Northern Ireland (on the spurious grounds that all the troops would ever do is back up the Orange sectarian regime) to de facto support for the troops as providing a “breathing space”.
Why The Workers Party says USA is Imperialist in World War 2 *
The First World War and the Irish workers who enlisted to fight in it.
A plain, straightforward statement by the great Marxian socialist William Morris of what revolutionary international socialists want and do not want.
"The clergy fight against the socialists and try to belittle them in the eyes of the workers. They fulminate against strikers, and against the opponents of the government. They turn the churches into a place of political propaganda."
A 1989 article by Loren Goldner, first published in the US socialist journal New Politics.
If "stop the bombing" immediately means "let the Kurds of Kobane die", socialists should not raise that slogan.
The Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad has offered the Western governments battling ISIS an alliance “to fight terrorism”.
Documents from AWL conference 25-26 October 2014
A letter to the British Trotskyists, 2 October 1933.
Provos, Protestants, and working-class politics: an imaginary dialogue (1986, plus a 2007 introduction); the debate in Socialist Organiser, 1983


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