Nordic Resistance Movement march in Borlänge.
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48-page pamphlet explaining the history, unravelling the issues, and giving positive directions for campaigning.
Errol O'Neill, a long-time leftist in Brisbane, Australia, died in April 2016 at the age of 71.
Daniel Randall spoke at a public meeting on the topic of anti-semitism and the left.
A new book from Workers’ Liberty which makes the case for socialism.
Why Labour Shadow Health Secretary Heidi Alexander is wrong to propose trial run of junior doctors contract.
Leon Brumant, London Underground worker, RMT rep, and socialist and anti-racist activist, died on Friday 22 April, aged 30 years old. His colleague and comrade Daniel Randall remembers him.
Do you have any photos from the history of Workers' Liberty, or before that Socialist Organiser, the WSL, I-CL or Workers' Fight?
Commentaries from three Algerian feminists on the recent "Hijab Day", organised by students in Paris.
Britain remaining in the EU is what is best for capitalism. However, what is bad for capitalism, in this case leaving the EU, is not necessarily good for workers.
The right-wing media is attacking the new NUS President, Malia Bouattia. Why?


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With Livingstone, the cesspool of pseudo-left “absolute anti-Zionism”, that is anti-semitism, overflowed into mainstream politics. It gave the right and the Tories an easy target and an opportunity to bring the scandal out into the open. It needs to be out in the open. It needs to be discussed. It needs to be purged politically — and the labour movement needs to purge itself of the unteachables like Livingstone.
In the wake of discussions over anti-semitism in the Labour Party and beyond we collate here a series of articles, old and new, on the topic of "left" anti-semitism.
The October Revolution abolished the outlawed status of the Jews. That, however, does not at all mean that with one blow it swept out Anti-Semitism. Trotsky on Stalinist ("Thermidorian") Anti-Semitism.
Ken Livingstone has cited, as evidence for his claim that "Hitler supported Zionism" in getting Jews to "Israel" in "1932", Lenni Brenner's book "Zionism in the Age of the Dictators".
Ken Livingstone's motley career includes associations with some very politically unsavoury forces.
A series of incidents in the Labour Party and in the student left over the last few months have highlighted the issue of “left-wing" anti-semitism.
The fact that their proponents are surely not racists does not answer the questions raised by root-and-branch "smash Israel" agitational themes.
At the 2016 National Union of Students conference, Workers' Liberty supporter Omar Raii was elected to its National Executive Council.
The Stalinist roots of left anti-Semitism
In the 1980s, fervent - and paid - supporters of Gaddafi were accepted by many as a respectable section of the British left! This article from Socialist Organiser, 28 January 1988, tells about it, and the lessons we must learn.
Guardian writer makes excuses for "Left wing" anti-Semitism
James Connolly's The Legacy: The Dying Socialist to His Son is a powerful exposition in verse of the socialist view of working people throughout history.
On the 50th anniversary of the Easter Rising, Socialist Republican Liam Daltun Reflects on the Irish state's celebration of the Rising.
Zionism (which today should be more accurately called Israeli nationalism) is not uniquely evil, as some on the left whose anti-Zionism flirts with anti-semitism would have us believe. Yet neither should it be exempt from ruthless criticism of all nationalisms and chauvinisms — the enemies of the international workers’ movement.
At the National Union of Students conference (19-21 April, Brighton), the NUS right (broadly right-wing Labour or similar but less political) and left (broadly soft left, in many cases not much left of the right, shaped by identity politics and third worldism/reactionary anti-imperialism) will struggle for dominance. The harder, class-struggle left is the third force.
A response to the row about Kurdistan in the National Union of Students in late 2014.
The reason for the crash and the slump was the giddy profiteering and speculating by the banks, not public spending.
A 1887 article by William Morris.
We are hostile to the status quo in the EU, yet understand that its unravelling in the face of a chauvinist wave would be reactionary.
Alfredo Saad Filho writes on the right-wing mobilisation against Dilma Rousseff and the PT government.
Policy on why student unions should fight for freedom of speech and organisation on campus, passed by University College London SU.
The story of the Sacco and Vanzetti case, told by James P Cannon and Max Shachtman, who were leading activists in the defence campaign.
Articles on what is going on with the "Labour purge".
David Finkel, of the US socialist magazine Against The Current, reviews The Two Trotskyisms Confront Stalinism.
An interview with Jill Mountford, a member of the Momentum Steering Committee fighting expulsion from the Labour Party.
A number of socialist activists connected in some way to our organisation have been expelled from the Labour Party. Why are we being targeted?
Tom O’Lincoln, a longstanding activist in the Australian socialist movement, and before that a member of the Independent Socialist Clubs in the USA, reflects on his evolution as a Trotskyist, in his response to The Two Trotskyisms Confront Stalinism.
The Labour Party’s “Compliance Unit”'s campaign of expulsions targeting members and supporters of Workers’ Liberty has taken a new turn.

The Fate of the Russian Revolution

Reviews and comments on the book by Paul Hampton, Paul Le Blanc, Ed Strauss, Ed Maltby, Andrew Coates, Herman Benson, Robert Fine, Steve Bloom, Duncan Morrison, Tom O'Lincoln, David Finkel
Buy e-book versions, or the printed book, here. Second edition, December 2015.
By the end of his life, there were different and conflicting strands in Trotsky's political thought. In World War 2 "Orthodox" Trotskyism built on one strand at the cost of screening out more fundamental ideas.


Members and friends of Workers' Liberty are organising a summer event at Height Gate farm, near Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.
We must campaign for positive demands — for a right to strike.

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