Free Shahrokh Zamani!

Jailed Iranian trade unionist Shahrokh Zamani has now been on hunger strike for over a month.

UK’s “in your face” sexism

Rashida Manjoo, UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women, has said that Britain has a more “in-your-face” sexist culture than many other countries.

Russian imperialism threatens Ukraine

Russia is increasing its pressure on Ukraine. The US, and even more the EU, anxious for gas supplies from and lucrative financial deals with Russia, hesitate to respond.

Solidarity 321

Download pdf or read online.

Whose recovery?

Workers are still being pushed down, while bosses and bankers profit.

Pro-Russian forces in east Ukraine linked with far right

Far-right elements are at least as strong in the pro-Russian coups in east Ukraine as they were in the Independence Square movement.

Focus E15 Mothers' Campaign

An update on the group of young mothers and mothers-to-be fighting eviction from their hostel in Stratford.

Mass strike in China

Tens of thousands of workers in Dongguan, China, making trainers for multinationals like Nike and Adidas, are on strike.

Why socialists should side with Ukraine against Russia

In a military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, socialists should side with Ukraine.

28-30 April and 5-8 May: more RMT strikes on Tube

The General Grades Committee of the RMT rail union has called further strikes against London Underground's job cuts.

Workers' Liberty Teachers bulletin and fringe meetings at NUT conference 2014

This is the 16-page bulletin our comrades have published for the National Union of Teachers 2014 conference (18-22 April, Brighton).

Threat to annuities

About half of all tax relief goes to the top 10 per cent of earners.


Battle of Ideas

What has happened to servility? (1972)

What has happened to servility? We have lost the Empire. Those who were born as leaders of men are now having that right questioned. Will the time honoured practice of fawning and cringing be something of the past?

Workers of Russia and Ukraine: rally for social and national equality!

May Day Manifesto of the Russian Socialist Movement (Russian Mandelites)

Democratic Feudalists and the Independence of the Ukraine

Replying to criticism of his support for Ukranian independence, in Alexander Kerensky's journal "Novaya Rossia", Trotsky discusses the democratic principle that underlies Marxist support for the right of self-determination of nations.

Independence of the Ukraine and Sectarian Muddle-heads

Certain Marxists criticised Trotsky's support for Ukranian independence, on the grounds that it could not but weaken the defence of the USSR against imperialism

From Maoism to Trotskyism in Bangladesh

A member of the Communist Party of Bangladesh (Marxist-Leninist) who visited Britain recently discusses the history of his group and how it evolved from Maoism towards Trotskyism.

Dave Broady, 1937-2014

An excerpt from a !972 piece in Workers’ Fight by Dave Broady who died in Manchester on 4 April.

Mussolini and Italian fascism

Mussolini acquired a reputation — among sections of the British press, for example — as a pompous buffoon. Although his unrestricted narcissism and bullying pretentiousness were indeed ridiculous, Mussolini’s underlying weakness was the disparity between his aggressive, imperialist posturing and what relatively weak Italian capitalism was capable of.

How I became a socialist: “I was angry at something, I just didn’t know what”

It feels better to understand what you're angry at alongside a group of people who are also trying to change the world.

What's the purpose of gender quotas?

The student movement and gender quotas.

The left and Maidan

A summary of the conclusions of a conference held in Kiev for left activists who participated in the Maidan.

Why socialists should side with Ukraine against Russia

In a military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, socialists should side with Ukraine.

Ukraine is not just a token

Many on the left see events in Ukraine only as a clash between Russia on one side, the US and EU on the other.

Behind the Blairite “business agenda”

What lies behind Alan Milburn's call for Labour “to embrace an avowedly pro-business agenda and match it with a more overtly pro-business tone”?

Seamus Milne's shoddy arguments for Putin

In the Guardian of 5 March, Seumas Milne, associate editor of the paper, argued for blaming the conflict in Ukraine almost entirely on the USA and the EU.

What is Trotskyism?

"Trotskyism is the defence of the great and fundamental principles of the Russian Bolshevik revolution and the Communist International, which it brought into existence. Trotskyism is the principle of workers’ democracy, of the struggle for democracy and socialism..."

Which side are you on?

A review of Look Back in Anger by Harry Paterson, about how the national 1984-5 miners' strike played out in Nottinghamshire.

Putin: hands off Ukraine!

Ukraine is diverse, but it is a distinct nation, with a right to independence from Russia; and, despite Russian claims, it does not divide neatly into two sectors.

Trotsky's 1939 call for Ukrainian independence

In 1939 Leon Trotsky raised the call for Ukrainian independence as an urgent matter. He stressed the deep historic roots of Ukrainian national feeling.

East Ukraine: it’s mostly Russian imperialism, not democratic protest

Ukraine is a nation historically oppressed by Russia which has the right to national self-determination. Russians living in Ukraine should enjoy democratic minority rights, but their rights cannot cancel the right to self-determination of the whole Ukrainian nation.

1993 Warrington Bombing: The roots of the deadlock in Northern Ireland - Blame the British ruling class!

An open letter to British trade unionists, from an Irish socialist living in England, after the killing of two children by an IRA bomb in Warrington, in March 1993.

Vladimir Lenin on democracy and dictatorship

Lenin called for the "dictatorship of the proletariat" as a great expansion of democracy.

Nothing to learn from dead white men?

Objections to citing white, male thinkers from the past sometimes have a point - but can also be extremely problematic. Registering "privilege" and the systematic dismissal of thinkers and writers from oppressed groups is vital, but we can and should learn from history and from theory produced by all kinds of people.

Cuba's new oppositions

With the passing of the historic generation of revolutionary leaders in the next five to ten years, a new political landscape will emerge in Cuba where oppositional political action may resurface.

RS21 has its public launch

About 120 attended the political weekend organised by RS21, the most recent splinter from the SWP.

Left Unity makes policy

Left Unity has held its first policy conference.

What is left anti-semitism?

The fact that their proponents are surely not racists does not answer the questions raised by root-and-branch "smash Israel" agitational themes.

Where does political Islam come from?

A Marxist analysis of the rise of Islamism, from 2002, by Clive Bradley.

Pursuing alternatives

The realignment of the unions and the Labour Party against the cuts has not materialised. There is, as indeed there was during the Blair/Brown government, some unity between the leaders of the unions and the leaders of the Labour Party, but this has been to prevent any meaningful opposition to the cuts, not to promote it.


Class Against Class: the miners' strike 1984-5

A new book from Workers' Liberty tells the story of the 1984-5 miners' strike in week-by-week detail.

Ideas for Freedom 2014: Their class war and ours

Ideas for Freedom, the annual weekend of socialist discussion and debate hosted by Workers' Liberty, takes place 4-6 July at University of London Union.

May 2014: Long live international solidarity

3 May 2014, 16:00-23:00, ULU, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY: a political and social event to celebrate May Day 2014, initiated by Marxist Revival

Workers' Liberty summer camp, West Yorkshire, 14-17 August 2014

Members and friends of Workers' Liberty are organising a summer event at Height Gate farm, near Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.


Plundering London Underground: talk at Housmans Bookshop

23 April, 2014 - 19:00

Housmans, 5 Caledonian Rd, London N1

Revolutionary unity event with ISN, ACI, SR, WP

26 April, 2014 - 11:00

Malet Suite, University of London Union, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY

AWL National Committee

26 April, 2014 - 11:30

RMT strike on Tube

28 April, 2014 - 21:00


May 2014: Long live international solidarity

3 May, 2014 - 16:00

University of London Union, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY

RMT strike on Tube

5 May, 2014 - 21:00


PCS conference

20 May, 2014 - 09:00


Labourstart conference

23 May, 2014 - 09:00


Lutte Ouvriere fete

7 June, 2014 - 11:00

Presles, near Paris

Ecosocialism: fracking, climate, and revolution

7 June, 2014 - 12:00

SOAS Vernon Square campus, Penton Rise, London WC1X 9EW

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