The Times has published an article saying the AWL dismisses “hard-left Corbynites... as softies”, glued together with out of context quotations, snippets from Facebook, gossip, inversion of reality and anonymous sources.
Eighty years ago, in the October 1936 Battle of Cable Street, anti-fascists stopped the police clearing a route for Oswald Mosley’s fascist march in East London.
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Tory MP Justin Tomlinson was openly colluding with Wonga.
SNP's hyperbolic conference rhetoric is a cover for their right-wing nationalist agenda
An open letter to those on the left who support the Progressive Alliance.
Immediately after Jeremy Corbyn's crushing re-election, the Labour right won a series of victories at party conference. How did this happen?
Southern bosses have declared war on their workers. The workers must respond in kind.
Many hundreds, possibly thousands, of people attended the "The World Transformed" conference sponsored by Momentum and other organisations, alongside Labour Party conference in Liverpool.
The right wing, the MPs, and the unelected party machine inherited from the old regime are still out to stop the left-wing surge at rank-and-file level, and they still have great power.
The 18-24 age range was one of the very few subgroups of Labour Party membership in which Owen Smith outpolled Corbyn - because young Corbyn supporters have not been organised.
Labour conference passed a motion demanding a democratic verdict on the terms of Brexit


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Battle of Ideas

The Algerian socialist-feminist Marieme Helie-Lucas responds to Deeya Khan's film 'Islam's Non-Believers', which was broadcast on ITV on 13 October.
An open letter to Sue Blackwell, leader of the AUT pro-boycotters of Israel
Tam Dalyell MP's assertion that there are too many Jews in Tony Blair's and George Bush's entourages, and Paul Foot's advice to him.
Since it emerged from Militant in 1991, the Socialist Party’s founding principle, raised to the point of dogma, has been that Labour had been irreversibly transformed from a workers’ party into a neoliberal capitalist party. The task of socialists, therefore, was to build a “new mass workers’ party” outside of Labour and its affiliate trade unions.
Racist antisemitism has been a shocking feature of debates among leftists over the removal of Jackie Walker as Vice-Chair of Momentum.
Discussing left responses to the new rise of antisemitism which followed the collapse of Stalinism in Eastern Europe in 1989
The fact that their proponents are surely not racists does not answer the questions raised by root-and-branch "smash Israel" agitational themes.
We need to specify what left anti-semitism consists of, in order to debate, educate, and clarify.
An interview with Moishe Postone, a Marxist academic who has written on “left anti-semitism”
Guardian condemns anti-semitism but understates the problem.
A series of incidents in the Labour Party and in the student left over the last few months have highlighted the issue of “left-wing" anti-semitism.
As Irwin Sibler, a leading member of the left-folk establishment in the early sixties who denounced Dylan’s electric turn, and later recanted, put it: “Dylan is our poet — not our leader”.
The Alliance for Workers’ Liberty aims to transform the labour movement so we can replace capitalism, the current economic and social system based on class division and exploitation, with a new society based on consistent democracy, collective ownership and solidarity – socialism.
Peter Frase of the US socialist magazine Jacobin visited the UK from 23 September to 7 October and took part in a tour of Momentum groups and student Labour Clubs to speak about his book Four Futures: Life After Capitalism.
A review of Chris Harman's pamphlet The Prophet and the Proletariat.
A Pan European solidarity movement, internationalist and anti-imperialist, will be built only if each anti-racist movement in each country wins battles against the policy of forcible exclusion of refugees at their “national borders”.
A Marxist analysis of the rise of Islamism, from 2002, by Clive Bradley.
An examination of the role of a Marxist “Fighting Educationalist Group” in the class struggle and in the transformation of existing labour movements.
In 1990, Socialist Organiser was banned by the Labour Party, apparently on the instigation of Frank Field MP, the same Frank Field who now floats the idea of Labour right-wingers contesting elections as “independent” against democratically selected candidates of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.
Grass by Carl Sandburg.
Government by Carl Sandburg.
To consider the AWL to be a source of antisemitism in the labour movement is staggeringly ignorant.
It is one of the ironies of politics. Trotskyism, in most of its post-Trotsky mutations, embraces an "anti-Zionism" that in practice is nothing less than a comprehensive hostility to most Jews alive; yet Trotskyism in Trotsky's time and after was a movement in which people of Jewish origin played - and play - a massive part.
A review of Can Socialism Make Sense? by Sean Matgamna.
Peter Tatchell spoke at Workers’ Liberty’s Ideas for Freedom event about the struggle to win the labour movement to recognition of LGBT rights.
Keith Vaz is not fit to be a Labour MP. But that has nothing to do with the current media controversy and everything to do with his disgraceful political record.


2016 is the 50th anniversary of the Workers' Liberty tendency. Reason in Revolt is a day-long celebration on 10 December.
A new book from Workers’ Liberty which makes the case for socialism.

The Fate of the Russian Revolution

Reviews and comments on the book by Paul Hampton, Paul Le Blanc, Ed Strauss, Ed Maltby, Andrew Coates, Herman Benson, Robert Fine, Steve Bloom, Duncan Morrison, Tom O'Lincoln, David Finkel, Gemma Short, Steve Bloom in reply, Paul Buhle, D R O'Connor Lysaght
Buy e-book versions, or the printed book, here. Second edition, December 2015.
By the end of his life, there were different and conflicting strands in Trotsky's political thought. In World War 2 "Orthodox" Trotskyism built on one strand at the cost of screening out more fundamental ideas.

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