Trotskyist debates on Ireland 1939-69.
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On 13 October, MPs voted to recognise the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel.
In a conflict between the democratic, secular Kurdish forces and the fascistic barbarism of IS, Kurds should expect the support and solidarity of the UK left.
The tide has continued to turn against the democracy protest movement in Hong Kong.
The Central Election Commission of the "Donetsk People’s Republic" has published a list of the organisations which will not be allowed to participate in the DPR elections on 2 November.
An off-duty police officer shot dead Vonderrit Myers Jr, an 18 year old black man, in St. Louis, Missouri on 8 October.
Kurds demand that the Peshmerga, YPG and other militia be armed with heavy weapons, armour-piercing bullets and tanks to resist the ISIS ultra-Islamists who threaten them with massacre in Kobane near Syria's border with Turkey.
Workers' Liberty has worked with Iraqi Kurdish socialists to produce a bulletin for the 18 October TUC demo, appealing for solidarity with our sisters and brothers in the Middle East.
Protest at police brutality restarts democracy movement.
An interview with Glasgow-based Iraqi Kurdish student activist Roza Salih about the struggle in Kurdistan.
Friday 10 October saw the first mass national protest against the latest reactionary reform of the Italian educational system introduced by the goverment of Matteo Renzi.


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Battle of Ideas

Why did the Trotskyists define "the war against Hitler" as an Imperialist war?
A poem by Jane Wilde, the mother of Oscar Wilde, on the Irish Famine in the mid-19th Century --- and about the famines and plaques that needlessly slaughter the poor and vulnerable in our own world.
Rosa Luxemburg remains one of the key political figures in socialist history for many reasons. She was an independent critical thinker, a committed Marxist and an unshakeable revolutionary committed to working-class democracy and socialism.
One of the best of the old Irish revolutionary songs
The story of a pioneer socialist feminist, Dora B. Montefiore
A 1947 article on James Connolly in Workers' Republic, the journal of the Revolutionary Socialist Party, Irish Section of the Fourth International, reproduced in Labor Action (paper of the US Trotskyist group led by Max Shachtman, Hal Draper, and others).
HKCTU backs movement for universal suffrage; Chinese media claim union group is in pay of US.
They are only Africans. They may be dying from Ebola in record numbers, but who really cares? Such are the politics of plague.
In Scotland, the pro-independence left wants to make the working class footsoldiers for the Poujadist nationalism of the SNP.
The men’s rugby club at the London School of Economics has been disbanded, after circulating a sexist, classist and homophobic leaflet at this year’s freshers fair.
A review of This Changes Everything: Capitalism versus the Climate by Naomi Klein.
A review of The Village, the BBC series now available as a DVD box set.
A poem published in Young Spartakus, the youth paper of the US Trotskyists, in 1932.
A hundred years ago, in August 1914, World War I triggered a collapse of the Socialist International into national fragments. Max Shachtman reviewed the experience on the twentieth anniversary.
An abridged version of a document to be discussed at the AWL’s annual conference on 25-26 October.
A review of the film Boyhood.
Play performed in Poplar's Balfron Tower raised issues unintended by the production
Hardly a day doesn’t go by when we don’t hear about some new “revolutionary” technology that is going to make the world a more open, transparent, and better place.
The Manchester People’s History Museum is one of the few institutions in Britain dedicated to telling the history of ordinary people’s lives and struggles.
Remembering Tom Cashman, a socialist trade unionist and long-time associate of the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty who died in August.
If one unit is much bigger than the others in a federal state, the decisions of the federal authority will be heavily influenced by that unit. That may be difficult. But between England and Scotland, long closely integrated, it could be workable.
A mindset which identifies Yes to Scottish separation with “left”, and No with “right”, will divide and cripple the labour movement and the working class.
We are still at the mercy of irrational social and political forces, even while our power to tame the irrational forces of nature, at whose mercy humankind has been throughout its existence, reaches an amazing and still increasing capacity.
Marxism and Ireland
The history of the Trotskyist movement is to an enormous extent not “history” but all-too-often mendacious, tendentious folklore generated by competing sects over many decades.

The Alliance for Workers' Liberty are socialists. We organise our
daily activity mainly around two big ideas:

1. workers' struggles;

2. consistent democracy.

Working class struggle

A pioneering dissection of the snares of reformism and the need for a theoretically-educated working-class movement.


Solidarity 341 will be printed on Friday 24 October, rather than on the Wednesday as usual, so that it can be distributed at the Alliance for Workers' Liberty conference on 25-26 October.
A new book from Workers' Liberty tells the story of the 1984-5 miners' strike in week-by-week detail.
A revised and 50%-expanded edition of the 2012 booklet Antonio Gramsci: working-class revolutionary, summarising Gramsci's life and thought.
The cartoons collected in a new book depict US politics, workers’ struggles, America’s “Jim Crow” racism, Roosevelt’s “New Deal” and Harry Truman’s “Fair Deal”, and Stalinism at its height, as revolutionary socialists saw them at the time.

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