Increased bombing in Syria is fundamentally not aimed towards ending the ongoing and vicious sectarian conflict there, and will not bring that end closer.
The NUM declares its support for Ukrainian workers' struggles against both Russian and western imperialism.
Pierre Rousset and François Sabado, veterans of the Ligue Communiste Revolutionnaire (Revolutionary Communist League, LCR) in France and prominent members of the Nouvel Parti Anticapitaliste (New Anticapitalist Party, NPA) comment on the Paris attacks.
For months thousands of refugees have been trying to get to Greece and Europe, in search of work, dignity and survival. Many of them, children, women and men have drowned in the waters of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, chased by Europe’s border police.
On 18 November, library workers across Lambeth walked out of work to protest at the Council’s refusal to listen to concerns over libraries closures, including controversial plans to turn three libraries into fee-charging gyms run by Greenwich Leisure Limited.
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Socialist Worker calls for Momentum to turn away from "internal Labour Party battles". But that would mean leaving the Labour right in control.
Tory Chancellor George Osborne is expected to seek to minimise the impact of the £4.4 billion in cuts to tax credits paid to low-paid workers announced in the Budget when he delivers his Autumn Statement next week.
The French anti-racist group Memorial 98 has published this response to the Paris atrocities of 13-14 November.
A statement on the Paris atrocities from the French revolutionary socialist group Lutte Ouvriere.
On 31 October Daesh laid claim to the murder of 224 people on a Russian passenger aircraft over Egypt; on 13 November, to the murder of 129 in Paris.
If the Green Paper on Higher Education becomes law, it would mean the end of public higher education.


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Battle of Ideas

Recording of two speeches from Ideas for Freedom 2015 about the struggle for democratic, worker controlled transport systems.
At Workers' Liberty summer school – Ideas for Freedom 2015 – Worker's Liberty member Rosie Woods debated the Bishop of Manchester David Walker, on the question of 'Love thy neighbour, or class struggle?'
In 1990, Socialist Organiser was banned by the Labour Party, apparently on the instigation of Frank Field MP, the same Frank Field who now floats the idea of Labour right-wingers contesting elections as “independent” against democratically selected candidates of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.
On 10 November, the conservative Passos Coelho government in Portugal, in office since 2011, fell. It is likely to be replaced by a government of the Socialist Party supported by the Portuguese Communist Party and the Left Bloc.
A Kurdish socialist discusses the historical and political background to the rise of the ISIS.
In 2009, Sean Matgamna, a founder of the AWL political tendency, marked 50 years in revolutionary politics. In this article, he discusses the background to the decision by him and two comrades to launch the Workers’ Fight group, forerunner of the AWL, in 1966.
The Workers’ Europe initiative opposes British withdrawal from the European Union on the basis of campaigning for international working-class solidarity, democracy and migrants’ rights.
The reaffiliation of unions like the railworkers’ RMT and the firefighters’ FBU to Labour could help Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, and the left.
Refugee flows into Europe from the Middle East and Africa were expected to decline as autumn sets in and sea crossings become more dangerous, but the numbers of people fleeing poverty and war, particularly in Syria, remain very high and are even growing.
Tory Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has agreed that Weald of Kent Grammar School, a single-sex academy in Tonbridge, can open a new building in Sevenoaks. This decision marks a shift Michael Gove’s position, and potentially heralds an upsurge in overt selection by so-called academic “ability” on a scale not seen for decades.
An article from Socialist Organiser 561, 19 April 1993, argued for ending the arms embargo on Bosnia's Muslim people fighting Serbian regional imperialism.
William Morris - “the leading personality of revolutionary socialism in that period”...
Rosa Luxemburg remains one of the key political figures in socialist history for many reasons. She was an independent critical thinker, a committed Marxist and an unshakeable revolutionary committed to working-class democracy and socialism.
There wasn't just McCarthyism — there was Stalinist gangsterism too
Twists and turns of the SWP's opportunism
Jeremy Corbyn's leadership victory is not the end but the beginning of the fight.
In the UN’s 1947 partition plan for Israel/Palestine, the West Bank was intended to the be the territorial core of an independent Palestinian-Arab state, but was occupied by Jordan during the 1948 war.
US socialists consider the significance of Bernie Sanders' campaign to win the Democratic Party nomination for President
This appreciation of James Connolly by Albert Glotzer appeared in the Shachtmanite "New International" in June 1942, at a time when Nazi conquests in Western Europe were evoking national liberation movements in the occupied countries.
A fringe meeting at the end of Labour Party conference discussed plots against Jeremy Corbyn by the Labour right.
Jeremy Corbyn spoke to Solidarity on the EU, Scotland, the Labour Party, and mobilising a grass roots campaign.
The trade unions and the working class have re-taken the Labour Party! An enormous beginning has been made to regain working-class representation in Parliament.
List of recent articles on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party
A reply to Owen Jones's advocacy for the left to take a none-to-radical path following Corbyn's victory.
A debate between Vladimir Derer and Sean Matgamna from the last Labour revival, in the early 1980s, relevant today.
How Ireland was undemocratically carved up at the expense of both the Protestant and Catholic Irish.
The intricacies of Irish history and the peculiarities of the Six County/Northern Ireland entity.
In October, 1994 Militant/Socialist Party very belatedly, when the IRA war was over, suggested a "Socialist Federation of Ireland" as the way forward.

The Fate of the Russian Revolution

By the end of his life, there were different and conflicting strands in Trotsky's political thought. In World War 2 "Orthodox" Trotskyism built on one strand at the cost of screening out more fundamental ideas.
A new book surveys and documents for the first time the formative debates in the 1940s between the two main strands into which Trotskyism divided. Study guide to the book also available.
The introduction to "The Fate of the Russian Revolution, volume 1" (published in 1998) sets the perspective and the framework for the documentation and discussion in "The Fate", volume 2.


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