New members and supporters are being excluded from voting; protect free speech but make sure the vote goes ahead.
Hutchison Ports top boss Mark Jack came to Sydney on 26 August. The 97 wharfies sacked in Brisbane and Sydney still didn’t get straight answers from Hutchison, but the union made progress.
An industrial bulletin by London Underground workers, for London Underground workers.
Solidarity spoke to Jeremy Corbyn on the EU, Scotland, the Labour Party, and mobilising a grass roots campaign.
Poem by Jeff Christotell, one of the Hutchison workers
On 13 August the Federal Court ordered Hutchison to put workers back on the payroll until 31 August pending negotiations.
Another rock solid strike shuts down the Tube.
An industrial bulletin for London Underground workers, by London Underground workers.
Stopped from claiming benefits, young people will be vulnerable to becoming homeless. One young woman's story.
PCS members working in the new Universal Credit benefits system will strike for two days from 20-21 July over increasingly oppressive working conditions.
A Workers' Liberty leaflet on why and how socialists should support Jeremy Corbyn's campaign for Labour Party leader.
After the Greek workers voting "No" to EU-imposed austerity, where next for Greece?


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Battle of Ideas

The fact that the radical bourgeoisie is the ruling class, confuses and disorients 26 County Irish workers, who devoted a lifetime of struggle and sacrifice to the ending of imperialist rule.
John Keats pours scorn on the pretensions and pride of a bourgeoisie which lives by mean and inhuman exploitation.
Being "anti-austerity" is not enough. We should argue explicitly for a political project based on working-class struggle and replacing capitalism with socialism.
If Jeremy Corbyn wins, it won't be the end but the beginning of the fight.
This month marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of the murder of Leon Trotsky by an agent of the Stalinist USSR’s secret police. Next month Workers’ Liberty will publish a second volume of documents from the movement which kept alive and developed the revolutionary socialist politics Trotsky fought for.
In 1960 the Labour left won the party to British unilateral nuclear disarmament, and then buckled under the big right wing counter-attact that followed.
The Times newspaper argues that Jeremy Corbyn should not be allowed to become Labour Party leader - and justifies itself on grounds of democracy!
Workers' Liberty's 1987 pamphlet telling the story of that year's election campaign in Wallasey, Merseyside, in which revolutionary socialist worker Lol Duffy came within 300 votes of defeating Tory minister Linda Chalker.
Police and Stalinists against Northern Ireland Trotskyists during World War Two
The Downfall of "Dev" in the 1948 26 County General Election. Irish Trotskyists commented in the US weekly "Labor Action".
Reflections, in the form of a poem, of a black soldier of the still-segregated US Army. It appeared in the Trotskyist paper The Militant, New York, 11 Nov 1944.
Corbyn is wrong on some things, but the class-struggle left must back his campaign.
Five hundred people attended a South London rally for Jeremy Corbyn's leadership campaign organised by Croydon Trades Council.
Sanders campaign for the presidential nomination is an inspiration. But it needs a strategy for building a left political organisation.
A report of the 15 July discussion on the European Union held by the socialist organisation RS21, and a Q&A based on it.
Owen Jones thinks the left should campaign for the UK to get out of the EU.
What should the left say about Jeremy Corbyn's softness on Islamists like Hamas and Hesbollah?
A collection of articles on Greece going back to July 2014, with a link to older articles.
New organisation says it wants "an alliance of the working class and (progressive) intellectuals.”
The IWCE project aims to bring Marxism and working-class history back into the labour movement.
Shortly before the general election, we debated representatives of the Green Party - and the "Trade Union and Socialist Coalition" led by the Socialist Party.
A reply to Nick Cohen's call for the Labour Party to expel Unite.
A Kurdish socialist discusses the historical and political background to the rise of the ISIS.
Two conferences were held last month by European far right and Stalinist left, to build support for one-party puppet regimes in Donetsk and Lugansk
Will the Bernie Sanders campaign for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination help strengthen working-class campaigns?
The context for the rise of UKIP was set by two things: their sustained electoral intervention over two decades, and the failure of the labour movement to fight austerity.
Most of the left had the wrong strategy in the election.
The Greens present no real alternative on ecological issues.


A new pamphlet from Workers' Liberty tells the story of British workers' mass anti-slavery protests during the American Civil War.
We must campaign for positive demands — for a right to strike.
Solidarity 370 will be out on 3 July (i.e. mostly distributed at IFF). No.371 will be out 15 July No.372, 29 July. No.373, 19 August. No.374, 2 September. We then return to the usual weekly schedule.
Free jailed Iranian trade unionists arrested on the eve of May Day.

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