The campaign by junior doctors against the a new contract which would see them working 90 hour weeks, with pay cut and the safety of patients endangered, is gathering support amongst medical staff and members of the public.
The Trident replacement programme is creeping ahead only because no proper debate has been allowed on it. Tory-Labour consensus on the issue means little debate in Parliament, and until this year there's been little debate in Labour.
Grace Lee Boggs, socialist and civil rights movement activist, former member of the "third camp" Trotskyist Workers Party, and close political collaborator with C.L.R. James and Raya Dunayevskaya, has died, aged 100.
The charges being brought against student feminist activist Bahar Mustafa are malicious.
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Initially stopped at Warwick University, a meeting with Maryam Namazie's will now go ahead.
The Labour Party conference fringe meeting organised by Sussex LRC was packed and inspiring - but could have done with some more discussion about what the left is going do do.
Labour Party conference has unanimously passed text promoted by the Right to Strike campaign calling for the restoration of the right to strike in solidarity with other workers.
The annual conference of the Labour Party takes place in Brighton from 27-30 September. It comes just two weeks after the dramatic victory of Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership contest.
The latest edition of Tubeworker, an industrial bulletin by London Underground workers, for London Underground workers.
The revolutionary left in Greece should cement politically the new “Popular Unity” party formed by leftist fighters from the old, betrayed Syriza.
We must increase the pressure and make the case for the EU to open its borders and let the refugees in!


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Battle of Ideas

US socialists consider the significance of Bernie Sanders' campaign to win the Democratic Party nomination for President
This appreciation of James Connolly by Albert Glotzer appeared in the Shachtmanite "New International" in June 1942, at a time when Nazi conquests in Western Europe were evoking national liberation movements in the occupied countries.
A fringe meeting at the end of Labour Party conference discussed plots against Jeremy Corbyn by the Labour right.
Jeremy Corbyn spoke to Solidarity on the EU, Scotland, the Labour Party, and mobilising a grass roots campaign.
The trade unions and the working class have re-taken the Labour Party! An enormous beginning has been made to regain working-class representation in Parliament.
List of recent articles on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party
Jeremy Corbyn's leadership victory is not the end but the beginning of the fight.
A reply to Owen Jones's advocacy for the left to take a none-to-radical path following Corbyn's victory.
A debate between Vladimir Derer and Sean Matgamna from the last Labour revival, in the early 1980s, relevant today.
How Ireland was undemocratically carved up at the expense of both the Protestant and Catholic Irish.
The intricacies of Irish history and the peculiarities of the Six County/Northern Ireland entity.
In October, 1994 Militant/Socialist Party very belatedly, when the IRA war was over, suggested a "Socialist Federation of Ireland" as the way forward.
Socialists must raise, and educate the widest possible layers of activists in the goal of building a new society. But what should we advocate as more immediate demands, policies which we can get the Corbyn-led Labour Party to campaign for?
An article written by Max Shachtman in 1967 looking at the legacy Leon Trotsky passed on to socialists.
Earle Birney (as E. Robertson), in some estimates Canada's leading 20th C poet and a Trotskyist in the 1930s, reviews Liam O'Flaherty's novel about Ireland's 'Great Hunger', the Famine of the 1840s.
The fact that the radical bourgeoisie is the ruling class, confuses and disorients 26 County Irish workers, who devoted a lifetime of struggle and sacrifice to the ending of imperialist rule.
John Keats pours scorn on the pretensions and pride of a bourgeoisie which lives by mean and inhuman exploitation.
Being "anti-austerity" is not enough. We should argue explicitly for a political project based on working-class struggle and replacing capitalism with socialism.
In 1960 the Labour left won the party to British unilateral nuclear disarmament, and then buckled under the big right wing counter-attact that followed.
The Times newspaper argues that Jeremy Corbyn should not be allowed to become Labour Party leader - and justifies itself on grounds of democracy!
Workers' Liberty's 1987 pamphlet telling the story of that year's election campaign in Wallasey, Merseyside, in which revolutionary socialist worker Lol Duffy came within 300 votes of defeating Tory minister Linda Chalker.
Police and Stalinists against Northern Ireland Trotskyists during World War Two
The Downfall of "Dev" in the 1948 26 County General Election. Irish Trotskyists commented in the US weekly "Labor Action".
Corbyn is wrong on some things, but the class-struggle left must back his campaign.
Five hundred people attended a South London rally for Jeremy Corbyn's leadership campaign organised by Croydon Trades Council.
Sanders campaign for the presidential nomination is an inspiration. But it needs a strategy for building a left political organisation.
A report of the 15 July discussion on the European Union held by the socialist organisation RS21, and a Q&A based on it.
Owen Jones thinks the left should campaign for the UK to get out of the EU.

The Fate of the Russian Revolution

A new book surveys and documents for the first time the formative debates in the 1940s between the two main strands into which Trotskyism divided. Study guide to the book also available.
The book contains a substantial introduction, 12 chapters of debates and confrontations over the big issues of the 1940s, a chapter on the working class and socialism, and seven classic essays
A review by Paul Hampton of The Two Trotskyisms confront Stalinism, edited by Sean Matgamna.


What challenges will an anti-austerity government face? How can socialists prepare to face up to them? How do we need to transform our movement so that we can make good on the promise of the Corbyn surge?
We must campaign for positive demands — for a right to strike.

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