Details of election results for constituency part of Labour National Executive Committee
An industrial bulletin by London Underground workers, for London Underground workers.
Support the left against militarism and national chauvinism in Russia and Ukraine!
It will take further action to budge management. We need to strike again!
Morning Star reporter questions union's domestic violence procedure and is threatened with sack.
Fighting in south-east of Ukraine continues.
Local government workers will strike over pay, health workers to ballot.
The US has restarted military action in Iraq, bombing the Sunni ultra-Islamist movement ISIS.
Labour movement campaign supporting workers in the West Bank.
Two labour-movement resolutions condemning Israel's bombing of Gaza, and calling for working-class solidarity and a just, two-states settlement to the conflict.
Report of far-right rally in Moscow
What Israel is doing to the Palestinians now is a political, moral, and military obscenity!


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Battle of Ideas

Why the AWL calls for a 'No' vote
Critique magazine, self-styled sophisticated Marxists, backs independence for Scotland.
Lenin's analysis of the collapse of the Socialist International at the outbreak of war in 1914
The difference between criticising Israel and supporting the Palestinian demand for their own state, and backing Arab nationalist or Islamist demands for the destruction and abolition of Israel, must be kept clear amidst the present outrage against Israel. This 1992 article, from the French Trotskyist journal 'Critique Communiste' discusses the issues.
This is chapter 7 of Leon Trotsky's The War And The International, 1914
What we say about the Scottish independence issue.
Four articles by James P Cannon and Max Shachtman, with appendices by Paul Hampton and Sean Matgamna
There are quite a number of Church of England priests who do not believe in God....
The Catholic people of Ireland are now once again, in the grotesque Cardinal Connell affair, being unpleasantly reminded of what rule by priests, bishops, and cardinals sometimes has meant for them.
Second meeting of the so-called "anti-fascist" - in reality pro-Russian imperialist - conference.
History is rich in examples of the revival of institutions appropriate to more primitive civilizations in advanced societies - old cultural forms adapted to new uses under a new social order. Chattel slavery in America is a striking case in point.
As we were saying, in Socialist Organiser in 1991
Text of the speech by Natalia Sedova Trotsky recorded in Mexico City and broadcast to Russia via Radio Liberation
What is the attitude of Marxists to "backward" and "underdeveloped" countries and peoples who are being assaulted, occupied, or colonised by a more advanced but predatory civilisation?
We have written to Workers' Power asking to debate our political differences
Tom Cashman was a life-long socialist and militant trade unionist with a long connection to Workers' Liberty.
Yemisi Ilesanmi is a Nigerian campaigner for LGBT rights and author of the book Freedom to Love for All: Homosexuality is not un-African.
Letter written in May 1940 to be smuggled into Stalin's USSR
The First World War and the Irish workers who enlisted to fight in it.
Do you remember the rats, and the stench Of corpses rotting in front of the front line trench?
An account of the murder of a 62-year-old man, which the author witnessed, and of the youths who murdered him.
To end now and to stop a repeat of the carnage in Gaza requires such a political settlement and two states for the two peoples.
“Trojan Horse” has become journalistic shorthand for an apparent attempt by a small group in East Birmingham to secure control of local non-faith schools and impose policies and practices in keeping with the very conservative (Salafist/Wahhabi) version of Islam which they hold.
It is not enough to put a cross wherever the Government puts a tick. We have to actually dirty our hands and find out honestly what is going on in Birmingham schools.
In Israel, street violence against Arabs has spiralled.
An article published on the Russian socialist website Open Left about events in Ukraine.
What do anti-semitic slogans on pro-Palestine demonstrations tell us about the politics of the movement?
Analysis of the situation in Israel/Palestine after the flotilla massacre from left-wing Israeli magazine Challenge.


A new book from Workers' Liberty tells the story of the 1984-5 miners' strike in week-by-week detail.
A revised and 50%-expanded edition of the 2012 booklet Antonio Gramsci: working-class revolutionary, summarising Gramsci's life and thought.
The cartoons collected in a new book depict US politics, workers’ struggles, America’s “Jim Crow” racism, Roosevelt’s “New Deal” and Harry Truman’s “Fair Deal”, and Stalinism at its height, as revolutionary socialists saw them at the time.
The first issue of a new journal of international discussion among revolutionary socialists, Marxist Revival, includes includes a long contribution from the Turkish revolutionary socialist group Marksist Tutum and a survey from Workers’ Liberty of the revolutionary left in Australia.

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