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What Israel is doing to the Palestinians now is a political, moral, and military obscenity!
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An industrial bulletin by London Underground workers, for London Underground workers.
Workers at Glasgow City Council are taking on anti-union employers during the Commonwealth Games.
The Workers' Advice Centre, an independent union centre in Israel/Palestine organising both Israeli-Jewish and Arab workers, has published this statement against the Israeli assault on Gaza.
Public sector union Unison has confirmed it will ballot its 300,000 health sector members from 28 August to 18 September for strikes against the “1% or increment” offer from the employers (which Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt believes is already too high!). Unite, GMB, and the Royal College of Midwives have also announced they will ballot for strikes.
A union strategy for actively fighting the attacks we face can rebuild workers' confidence.
Ritzy cinema workers struck again on 20 July to demand a living wage. This time, the bosses tried to keep the cinema running.
A workplace bulletin by Lewisham Hospital workers, for Lewisham Hospital workers.
This appeal for a demonstration in Tel Aviv has been put out by left-wingers in Israel.
Sharp declines in standard of living for big majority.
Protest highlights how in 42 of 53 Commonwealth countries it is illegal to be LGBT.



Battle of Ideas

What do anti-semitic slogans on pro-Palestine demonstrations tell us about the politics of the movement?
This is chapter 7 of Leon Trotsky's The War And The International, 1914
Analysis of the situation in Israel/Palestine after the flotilla massacre from left-wing Israeli magazine Challenge.
A comprehensive Trotskyist response to the new age which opened with the American atom bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. It was published in Labor Action, New York, at the end of 1945.
Is direct action against an elected government compatible with democratic politics? Examine two events in the industrial struggle of the 1980s.
The Industrial Workers of the World
100 years ago, in August 1914, World War 1 triggered a collapse of the Socialist International into national fragments. Max Shachtman reviewed the experience on the 20th anniversary.
Lenin's analysis of the collapse of the Socialist International at the outbreak of war in 1914
Boris Kagarlistsky and others organise left cover for extreme Russian nationalism at Yalta "anti-war conference".
This month marks the thirtieth anniversary of the beginning of the miners’ strike.
Women's role in the Paris Commune of 1871.
Between the two world wars Marxists considered Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and Poland to be imperialist powers, because in these states there were oppressed national minorities
The Mavi Marmara massacre flows from the whole policy of recent Israeli governments.
Gerd Koenen, who in the 1970s, was a leading member of the Communist League of West Germany, an eclectic but numerically substantial Maoist (and pro-Pol-Pot) organisation, has recently published memoirs. He has learned some things over the years: and one of them, as this extract shows, is the rottenness of standard left "anti-Zionism".
Where Is the Petty Bourgeois Opposition? By the SWP Political Committee minority, March 1940.
Translated extracts from Alfred Rosmer's The Workers’ Movement during the First World War which tell the story of how the French trade union federation the CGT collapsed.
In building a new socialist awareness, young workers are central.
What collapsed when European Stalinism collapsed?
We are still at the mercy of irrational social and political forces, even while our power to tame the irrational forces of nature, at whose mercy humankind has been throughout its existence, reaches an amazing and still increasing capacity.
Matt Merrigan (1921-2000) was a socialist and trade unionist and one of very few Third Camp Trotskyists in Ireland.
A critical survey of the Labour Left in the 1980s, written in July 1990, when the Labour Party banned Solidarity's predecessor, Socialist Organiser.
There is a lot of reference on the British left to “Islamophobia”, but less actual discussion about what it means. Do Muslims in Britain suffer oppression as Muslims, and if so what kind?
Religious indoctrination and religious segregation has no place in schools.
If conditions ever justify hard-pressed adults 'smacking'children, 'smacking' children was 'understandable' in these conditions.
GCSE English Literature hit the headlines after outrage on social media at the “banning” of certain well-loved texts including John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men and Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.
A poem published in Young Spartakus, the youth paper of the US Trotskyists, in 1932.


Members and friends of Workers' Liberty are organising a summer event at Height Gate farm, near Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.
A new book from Workers' Liberty tells the story of the 1984-5 miners' strike in week-by-week detail.
Solidarity 331 is out on 16 July 2014; 332, on 30 July; and 333, on 13 August. Normal schedule restarts with no.334 on 2 September.
A revised and 50%-expanded edition of the 2012 booklet Antonio Gramsci: working-class revolutionary, summarising Gramsci's life and thought.

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