Workers' Liberty members joined NCAFC LGBTQ+ and LGSM on the trade union section of pride this year.
RMT members deliver resounding votes for strikes in disputes with London Underground.
Killings in Tunisia and Kuwait show spreading influence and change of strategy by Islamist terror group
US socialists report on US Supreme Court ruling.
Should socialists work within the Labour Party to try and drag it to the left, or leave it altogether? Both perspectives are limited, argues Daniel Randall.
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An open letter to members of the Socialist Workers Party and Socialist Party on the upcoming referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union.
In the UN’s 1947 partition plan for Israel/Palestine, the West Bank was intended to the be the territorial core of an independent Palestinian-Arab state, but was occupied by Jordan during the 1948 war.
The latest edition of Off The Rails, a platform for rank-and-file rail workers published by Workers' Liberty.
Renzi's "party of the nation" loses support in local elections.
The HSBC banking group is threatening to leave the UK over very the mild regulations on the financial sector that have been implemented since the 2008 crash.
The indefinite strike of homelessness support workers in Glasgow has council management to concede the principle that the caseworkers should be on pay grade six.


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Battle of Ideas

New organisation says it wants "an alliance of the working class and (progressive) intellectuals.”
The IWCE project aims to bring Marxism and working-class history back into the labour movement.
Shortly before the general election, we debated representatives of the Green Party - and the "Trade Union and Socialist Coalition" led by the Socialist Party.
A reply to Nick Cohen's call for the Labour Party to expel Unite.
A Kurdish socialist discusses the historical and political background to the rise of the ISIS.
Two conferences were held last month by European far right and Stalinist left, to build support for one-party puppet regimes in Donetsk and Lugansk
Will the Bernie Sanders campaign for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination help strengthen working-class campaigns?
The context for the rise of UKIP was set by two things: their sustained electoral intervention over two decades, and the failure of the labour movement to fight austerity.
Most of the left had the wrong strategy in the election.
The Greens present no real alternative on ecological issues.
A continuing discussion on religious fundamentalism, feminism, secularism, and socialism.
Why Russian "leftist" Boris Kagarlitsky is an enemy of the Russian, Ukrainian and international working class and left.
Analysing the realities and definitions of anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim racism today. How do we build a united struggle against them?
An article by Leon Trotsky, first published in a publication of the pre-Stalinist Communist Party of Great Britain.
A participant's account of the Norwegian General Strike against the occupying Nazis.
Camila Bassi speaks on Palestine-Israel: What should the left say?
In almost every constituency, Workers’ Liberty favours a Labour vote in the general and council elections in 2015. But the Labour Party is committed to maintaining austerity, just like the Tories. Why vote Labour?
This assessment of Richard Wright, the great black American Communist, author of "Black Boy", and "Native Son", appeared in the New International, late in 1941, as a review of “Bright and Morning Star”.
This fine declaration of faith, principles and motives for socialist action was made by the great American Marxist James P Cannon as he and 15 others prepared to go to jail for their political activities.
For centuries, university campuses have been, relatively speaking, a haven within capitalist society for free debate and criticism - but today free debate and criticism on campus is under threat from several angles.
Algerian sociologist and socialist-feminist activist and writer Marieme Helie Lucas argues that the Muslim fundamentalism must be understood as a populist, far-right political movement.
Veteran French Trotskyist Pierre Rousset discusses the political aftermath of the January 2015 Islamist attacks in Paris.
What can Syriza do next?
Analysing what we can learn from the errors of Marxist economic theory in the 1970s.
A collection of articles on Greece going back to July 2014, with a link to older articles.
Two documents, from the 2008 and 2013 Workers' Liberty conferences.
Model motion for free speech on campus.
US socialist Barry Finger contributes to the debate around the Charlie Hebdo attacks and the left's attitude to political Islam.


Come and imagine the future!
Ideas for Freedom is the annual weekend of socialist education, discussion and debate hosted by Workers' Liberty. This year it runs from the evening of Thursday 2 July to the afternoon of Sunday 5 July, and takes place mainly at Birkbeck University in London.
Solidarity 370 will be out on 3 July (i.e. mostly distributed at IFF). No.371 will be out 15 July No.372, 29 July. No.373, 19 August. No.374, 2 September. We then return to the usual weekly schedule.
We must campaign for positive demands — for a right to strike.
Free jailed Iranian trade unionists arrested on the eve of May Day.

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