Glasgow SUTR demo

Friends of Israel groups blocked from joining anti-racist demonstration

Glasgow Friends of Israel and the Confederation of Friends of Israel (all or mostly Jewish people) were physically prevented from attending the Stand Up to Racism demonstration on Saturday 17 March by anti-Zionist leftists.

UCU London demonstration

Revolt in the degree factory

On Monday 12 March Universities UK and the University and Colleges Union (UCU) announced they had reached an ″agreement″ at ACAS in the ongoing dispute over the USS pension scheme.

As details of the ″deal″ came to light UCU members across the country were at first confused as to why the UCU would have agreed such a deal, and then angry.

World trade

Editorial: Trump threatens trade war

On 1 March Donald Trump announced tariffs of 25% on steel imports, 10% on aluminium imports.

Saudi welcome billboard

Tories welcome “modernising” Saudi Prince

This month’s visit to the UK of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, at the head of a large delegation of Saudi military and business leaders, marks a new low for the Tory government.

Black Panther audience

Behind Wakanda’s utopian vision

Sameem Rahimi reviews Black Panther.

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Issue 464 — 14 March 2018

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