flame wars

Messing up our minds

"People share feelings, not information" online, says Hannah Anderson, media director of the booming social-media-advertising company Social Chain. "Low-arousal emotions are useless in the viral economy". You need to synthesise frustration, anger, outrage.

NHS Cartoon

March for the NHS on 3 February!

It's time for some honesty about the state of our NHS from those at the top.

Academies protest

Taking on the “zombie” academies

We need a commitment from Labour to end academies and move back to local, democratic, accountable and comprehensive education.


Rebellion in Iran: Iranian socialists speak!

Workers' Liberty's 19 January London Forum on the protests in Iran


After Carillion: nationalise all the big public contractors!

The labour movement should demand that not just Carillion, but all the big public service contractors, Serco, G4S, Capita, should be nationalised with minimum compensation, and their public contracts brought back in-house.

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Solidarity 458

Issue 458 — 10 January 2018

Socialist news, debate, and features. Reports on Labour and trade union issues.

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