NHS winter crisis: stop this scandal!

Hospitals across the country continue to buckle under the stress of winter-related conditions — persistent cold weather and a nasty strain of influenza. But the responsibility for this crisis must lie with the government.

flame wars

Messing up our minds

"People share feelings, not information" online, says Hannah Anderson, media director of the booming social-media-advertising company Social Chain. "Low-arousal emotions are useless in the viral economy". You need to synthesise frustration, anger, outrage.

DOO picket

DOO strikes escalate

RMT guards on Merseyrail, Northern, Greater Anglia, South Western and Southern Train Operating Companies struck on 8, 10, and 12 January, as the fight against Driver Only Operation escalates.

Berkeley Free Speech

Tory hypocrisy on free speech

On 26 December the Universities Minister Jo Johnson announced plans that he claims will protect free speech on campuses, including potential fines on universities.
This is the conservative right’s latest broadside against student movement “no platform” policies.


Rebellion in Iran: Iranian socialists speak!

Workers' Liberty's 19 January London Forum on the protests in Iran

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Solidarity 459

Issue 459 — 17 January 2018

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