14 April protest

For an independent Palestine!

Workers' Liberty and other activists, especially from the Worker-communist Parties of Kurdistan and of Iran, protested on Saturday 14 April at Kensington Court, High St Kensington, London W8 5EA. Further such protests against the Israeli shootings in Gaza and for a democratic political settlement in Israel-Palestine will be notified shortly.

A ring of roses with the words "socialism makes sense" in the middle.

Socialism Makes Sense: Ideas for Freedom 2018

Workers' Liberty summer school 21-24 June 2018, Birkbeck University, Malet St, London. "Challenges of a Labour government" is a major theme - how we can get such a government, how the labour movement can hold to its promises, whether Labour policies are adequate, what the left should demand... Thursday: walking tour. Friday evening: debate on socialism vs free market with Kristian Niemetz of the IEA. Saturday-Sunday - debates, workshops, film showings, and more. Book online here.

Victim of the chemical attack

Douma atrocity is a sign of Assad's victory

After nearly seven years of unrest and civil war in Syria, Assad’s chemical attack on the civilian population trapped in Douma, a city near the capital Damascus, no longer seems shocking; it was the action of a regime that is able to kill and maim with impunity.

Border sign

Ireland is a strong reason for Labour to oppose Brexit

The consequences in Ireland of Britain leaving the European Union are among the many strong reasons why Labour should oppose Brexit and demand a second referendum before Britain actually leaves the EU.

Anti Macron protests

France: Workers and students against Macron

A report on the movement in France against Macron in spring 2018, from Arguments pour la lutte sociale

Solidarity Newspaper

Solidarity 466

Issue 466 — 11 April 2018

Socialist news, debate, and features. Reports on Labour and trade union issues.

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