Glory o, glory o, to the bold Bolsheviks

The Russian Revolution has had all sorts of things grafted onto the image it projects to us. But what was it in reality?

Catalonia protest

Catalonia: rights and unity

Against Madrid’s clampdown, for Catalonia’s rights, and in all circumstances for working-class unity across the national and communal divides!


Tax the rich! Save the NHS!

A well-geared tax system, digging into the tax havens, tapping the vast wealth of the ultra-rich, would yield more resources for the NHS.

UC protest

Universal Credit: why are we waiting?

MP's will vote on Thursday 16 November on a cross-party motion on the issue of the six-week waiting period for Universal Credit. If they are defeated will the government back down?


AWL London Forum: Decoding capitalism: 150 years of Marx's Capital

At this Workers' Liberty London Forum, author and economist Martin Thomas will give a presentation on the history of the book and its ideas followed by discussion.
Friday 17 November, 7.30pm @ Room 675, Institute of Education, WC1H 0AL

Solidarity Newspaper

Solidarity 454

Issue 454 — 15 November 2017

Socialist news, debate, and features. Reports on Labour and trade union issues.

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