At the National Union of Students conference (in Liverpool, 21-23 April), the right-wing Labour bloc which has run NUS for decades partially lost control to the left.
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PCS members fighting privatisation at the National Gallery are on strike for five days from 21-25 April and on 1 May.
The National Union of Students conference takes place in Liverpool, 21-3 April. It comes after a series of important student actions and struggles.
In a survey of economic experts, almost all very orthodox, 81% said clearly that Osborne's cuts have not helped growth or employment.
The UK is one of the world's least religious countries, so a recent survey shows. So why do we have so many "faith schools", and an Established Church?
From the new wealth produced by the labours of the average household in the USA, the shareholders of US big business will scoop around $10,000 in the coming year.
Teachers in Workers' Liberty produce bulletins for NUT conference. Download them here.
Restaurant Brands, which owns the KFC, Pizza Hut, Carl's Jr and Starbucks chains in New Zealand, has committed to end zero hour contracts by July this year in a new collective agreement negotiated with Unite Union.
Members of rail union RMT working for First Great Western are preparing to ballot for industrial action, after First Group announced plans to axe jobs on new inter-city services.
On the 25 March 2015, the Independent Police Complaints Commission cleared all officers involved in the shooting of Mark Duggan of any wrongdoing.
The Tories have threatened to cut the welfare budget by £12 billion in the first two years of the next Parliament if they win the General Election in May.


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Battle of Ideas

Why the SNP is a party of austerity.
Analysing the realities and definitions of anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim racism today. How do we build a united struggle against them?
An article by Leon Trotsky, first published in a publication of the pre-Stalinist Communist Party of Great Britain.
A participant's account of the Norwegian General Strike against the occupying Nazis.
Camila Bassi speaks on Palestine-Israel: What should the left say?
In almost every constituency, Workers’ Liberty favours a Labour vote in the general and council elections in 2015. But the Labour Party is committed to maintaining austerity, just like the Tories. Why vote Labour?
This assessment of Richard Wright, the great black American Communist, author of "Black Boy", and "Native Son", appeared in the New International, late in 1941, as a review of “Bright and Morning Star”.
This fine declaration of faith, principles and motives for socialist action was made by the great American Marxist James P Cannon as he and 15 others prepared to go to jail for their political activities.
For centuries, university campuses have been, relatively speaking, a haven within capitalist society for free debate and criticism - but today free debate and criticism on campus is under threat from several angles.
Algerian sociologist and socialist-feminist activist and writer Marieme Helie Lucas argues that the Muslim fundamentalism must be understood as a populist, far-right political movement.
Veteran French Trotskyist Pierre Rousset discusses the political aftermath of the January 2015 Islamist attacks in Paris.
What can Syriza do next?
Analysing what we can learn from the errors of Marxist economic theory in the 1970s.
A collection of articles on Greece going back to July 2014, with a link to older articles.
Two documents, from the 2008 and 2013 Workers' Liberty conferences.
Model motion for free speech on campus.
US socialist Barry Finger contributes to the debate around the Charlie Hebdo attacks and the left's attitude to political Islam.
Borotba's Stalinist politics: articles from the Ukrainian left.
A report of the dayschool on Greece held by Workers' Liberty on 18 January.
A resolution on the situation in Greece passed at the Workers' Liberty national committee on 17 January, eight days before the Greek election.
A French socialist writes: The left has not been able to clearly denounce the Islamist murders in Paris without either overstressing the importance of Islamophobia, or overstressing the reactionary character of Islam...
A review of Costas Lapavitsas' "Profiting without producing".
How can revolutionary socialists in the labour movement help workplace struggles, spread them, catalyse new ones, give them a political perspective?
Does Workers' Liberty ignore the role of imperialism in the rise of Islamism? Or does much of the British left reproduce a simplistic picture which blurs over Islamism's counter-revolutionary character?
The Tories remaining in office would be a disaster for the working class. Yet the only alternative government is Ed Miliband’s Labour Party, committed to a softer version of cuts and anti-migrant politics. What should socialists do?
Birkbeck University cancels room booking for an Islamist-organised conference under pressure from anti-Muslim far right.
For anyone interested in building working-class power in America, the question of how to break through anti-union hostility amongst industrial workers in the South is a real one.
A socialist response to UKIP's mainfesto.


7pm, Thu 30 April, at Goldsmiths, SE14 6NW, with Andrea Carey (Green Party); Jill Mountford (AWL); and Martin Powell-Davies, TUSC
Educate Agitate Organise is a magazine produced by Workers' Liberty students. It will be on sale at the 2015 National Union of Students conference.
Ideas for Freedom is the annual weekend of socialist education, discussion and debate hosted by Workers' Liberty. This year it runs from the evening of Thursday 2 July to the afternoon of Sunday 5 July, and takes place mainly at Birkbeck University in London.
Members and friends of Workers' Liberty are organising a summer event at Height Gate farm, near Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

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