Attacks on Labour democracy in the leadership election show how right-wing want to destroy a left-wing voice.
We win this round: Jeremy Corbyn is back on the ballot for the Labour leadership election. What now? How do we win, and use this opportunity to revive and transform the labour movement?
Nuclear weapons — and especially those nuclear weapons whose use would incinerate tens of millions of civilians — are an obscenity. A future Labour government must abolish Trident.
Some good decisions but internationalist class struggle policies still required.
It is good the coup has failed. It is bad that the immediate political advantage will be Erdogan’s.
Is direct action undemocratic? What methods should the labour movement use to defeat the bosses? Should we stick within the law? This new pamphlet discusses these issues and more.
The anti-Corbyn plotters are the same Labour MPs who refused to vote against Tory austerity in 2015.
The vote in the 23 June referendum that Britain should leave the European Union was a victory for the forces of reaction and historical regression.
Solidarity 410 will be out on Tuesday 28 June; 411, on Friday 8 July; 412, on 27 July; 413, on 10 August; 414, on 31 August
Brexit caused problems include loss of EU funding and potential border controls.
We can defeat the attempted coup against Jeremy Corbyn if we move fast and with determination.
Some on the left hail the Brexit vote as a victory. This is manipulative and fantasy-ridden politics.


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Battle of Ideas

Yevgeny Yevtushenko who wrote this denunciation of Russian anti-semitism, was the USSR's licensed-rebel poet in...the late 50s and early 60s.

"Ireland occupies a position among the nations of the earth unique - in the possession of what is known as a 'physical force party' - a party, that is to say, whose members are united upon no one point, and agree upon no single principle, except upon the use of physical force - [A party that] exalts into a principle that which the revolutionists of other countries have looked upon as a weapon - men as the only means of attaining it." — James Connolly, 1899

Warsaw's Three Insurrections During World War II
A collection of articles from the last year discussing Corbyn's politics in connection with the Middle East, particularly Iran.
A review of Can Socialism Make Sense? by Sean Matgamna.
A leaflet providing a friendly critique of Corbynomics and some suggestions for developing socialist policies and struggles.
Is The Time Ripe For The Slogan ‘The United States Of Europe'? Trotsky in June 1923
In 1987, the constituency which is now Angela Eagle's, previously a Tory seat, was contested and almost won by a class-struggle socialist Labour candidate, Lol Duffy - before he was removed and she was imposed. This is the story.
Labour's right wing is trying to stage a coup. We must rout them!
In 1960 the Labour left won the party to British unilateral nuclear disarmament, and then buckled under the big right wing counter-attact that followed.
Watson has always been a machine-politician Stalinoid intriguer.
The idea of a left exit from the EU is not just fanciful, it is utterly delusional.
Left-wing writer Paul Mason has joined the push for Britain to block migrant workers from Europe. Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson, and former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, have made similar calls.
Leon Trotsky argued for a United States of Europe in "The Peace Programme" of 1915.
Part seven of Michael Johnson’s series on the life and politics of James Connolly.
The revolutionary left once had reputable politics towards Europe, an inheritance from Trotsky that was not finally dispensed with until the early 1970s. The story of how the British revolutionary left went from an independent working-class stance to accommodation with chauvinism and Stalinist “socialist-in-one-country” deserves to be better known.
Early-90s interviews with the US socialist veterans Phyllis and Julius Jacobson about their activity in the SWP, the Workers' Party, the ISL, and after.
Michael Johnson's series on the life and politics of James Connolly.
Even if a strong internationalist campaign for "no" to the EU were theoretically possible, it certainly will not happen.
Hal Draper sets out his perspective on Israel/Palestine in articles from Labor Action in 1954.
Michael Johnson continues a series on the life and politics of James Connolly.
The Labour Party leaders should launch a great campaign against the policies and values of Toryism and for the central ethos of the labour movement and the socialist working class: solidarity.
Director of Progress Richard Angell debates Cathy Nugent, editor of Solidarity newspaper in this Workers' Liberty London Forum.
The fourth part of Michael Johnson’s series on the life and politics of James Connolly.
Art versus Propaganda Clive Bradley looks at the films of Ken Loach (1997)
Pro-Palestine or anti-Israel? The basic difference between AWL and the conventional Left on the Middle East.
Even under capitalist bombardment, a lot of people recognise a better life comes more through shared experiences, which can’t be bought, than through competitively consuming more “stuff”.

The Fate of the Russian Revolution

Reviews and comments on the book by Paul Hampton, Paul Le Blanc, Ed Strauss, Ed Maltby, Andrew Coates, Herman Benson, Robert Fine, Steve Bloom, Duncan Morrison, Tom O'Lincoln, David Finkel, Gemma Short, Steve Bloom in reply, Paul Buhle, D R O'Connor Lysaght
Buy e-book versions, or the printed book, here. Second edition, December 2015.
By the end of his life, there were different and conflicting strands in Trotsky's political thought. In World War 2 "Orthodox" Trotskyism built on one strand at the cost of screening out more fundamental ideas.


A new, 16 page pamphlet from Workers' Liberty, "Transform the labour movement - aim for a workers' government", sets out class-struggle socialist perspectives for the movement.
Members and friends of Workers' Liberty are organising a summer event at Height Gate farm, near Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

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